Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spendin’ Time at the Rancho

Since we got run out of Lake Rosalie last month we been chillaxin’ at home. Barb and Noel came home with us for a couple o’ days, then started headin’ towards home in Wisconsin…Brrrrr. Also spoke with Della & George who were just startin’ out for home in Indiana, they’re plannin’ on takin’ they’re time to avoid the bad weather.

I looked back at my last two posts and everything had gone askew. The text was over the top o’ the pictures and the pictures were over the top o’ the text. I straightened out everything and re-published time after time, after time, only to find it all screwed up every time. I figured maybe it was a problem with my blog writer communicating with the blog posting software. Then I decided it had to do with the position of the photos, so I moved all the pics back to center on the page. That worked but the pages seemed to blah. Finally I realized that recently I had changed the page formatting from left alignment to justified so it would look uniform down the page. So I tried changin’ it back to left alignment and left the photo placement formatting spread all of the page, like it was. Viola! It did the trick and all seems normal again. Boy I was burnin’ up brain cells tryin’ to figure that one out.

I been doin’ a lot of nothin’ lately around here. It seems that I injured myself while we were over to Lake Rosalie. I have fluid on my right elbow that doesn't seem to want to go away. The Doc drained it on Monday but said it would probably return, which it has. I’ve got to go back and see him on the 23rd, maybe he’ll drain it again. The next step is surgery, not if I don’t have to it aint!! Must have been all that heavy duty eatin’ we were doin that overworked my elbow. I’ve been restin, keepin’ it elevated, icein’ it and so far it hasn’t swelled too bad, but I can’t sit here forever doin’ nothin’. This is the first good finger tappin’ I’ve done since I got home and I got lots o’ other things that need doin’.

Our friends Colleen & Wayne from Brantford, Ontario are here for ten days tryin’ to get defrosted or tryin’ to rush the spring, I’m not sure which. We had supper here last night and we went out to Applebee’s tonight. Tommorrow is Easter and they’re taking his mother out for dinner then comin’ by here afterward. We’ll have all the kids & grandkids for the day, for the egg hunt and supper. So A “Happy Easter” to all.

Seems like ole Mother Nature has turned on summer here as the temps are startin’ to reach into the ninety’s and it just the beginnin’ o’ April. It’s way too hot for this early in the year. Our night time temps are dippin’ down to the high 60’s, that’s ridiculous! Got a fella thinkin’ on gettin movin’ north where it’s cooler.

Well I’ll see ya’ another day, maybe on down the road as we’re

Dancin’ on the Wind