Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

We ventured away from the Rancho to spend the New Year with our girlfriend in Kissimmee, FL. We will be here for about five days.

Oops Go to run, I’ll finish later. The revelers are calling me back and after all, it is New Years Eve!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gettin’ Ready for the Fat Man!

We are sittin’ here at the ‘Ole Hacienda’ tryin’ to prepare fer the holiday comin’ up. We’ve had company on and off since we came home, friends from Canada, more friends from Canada and more friends from Canada. Right now we’re done havin’ supper fer folks fer a while, just us to feed.

Before our last guests arrived with their two little ones Linda figured I should put up some Christmas decorations. We have several inflatable decorations that are a wiz to put up. I broke out the Santa and a frosty and got ready to decorate. I inflated Santa, then staked him to the ground, I had quite a time getting him to stand up, but in the end I succeeded. Next came Frosty’s turn. I inflated him, but he wouldn't stand erect, and after fighting with him, he went back in the box. Santa stood in the yard for several hours, but shortly before our company was to arrive, I found him bent at the waist picking weeds in the yard. So much for Christmas decorations, Santa went back in the box! Dinner went fine and we enjoyed visiting, see you in Canada in the summer.

Our friends Susie and Ron, invited us to a Christmas party at their ranch in Winter Haven, the weekend before Christmas. Of course we took them up on their offer and loaded up the Lance on the truck. We headed out Saturday morning planning on staying in a day are two with them. They have ample space and several RV hookups.

We we arrived at their place and Ron met us, we parked the Lance, got hooked up, and went to see Susie. She was all prepared for the evening's festivities.


Ron was overseeing the cooking were of one of their hogs for the party. The gathering started at 5:00 PM, and the guests had food & goodies galore. We partied until midnight, then called it a day. We had a wonderful time. Sunday morning we had a light breakfast in the camper so was not to burden Susie and then we visited for several hours. Afterwards Linda helped Susie clean and consolidate all the leftovers. We decided to let Ron and Susie rest up and rather than stay, we went on down the road.

Rather than heading back to the hacienda, we gave George and Della a call in Sebring. We told them we were about 40 minutes away, and they said, “Come on”. We arrived at George and Della’s home and after lots of hugs and handshakes we got the Lance parked, leveled and hooked up. We visited with them for the rest of the afternoon and then started to prepare dinner. We had a wonderful dinner of spicy chicken breasts and shrimp. After dinner it was more visiting, and showers and bed.

Monday brought us together over wonderful breakfast. Then George and I removed of built-in shelf in their wall unit to accommodate a new television they had purchased. After looking at the space we created it was decided a trip to ‘Wally World’ was in order to see if we could find a larger TV. They decided to keep the TV that they had bought as they got such a good deal on it. After returning home George and I setup the TV, and we had to give it a good test. We watched it awhile, napped a little and it seemed to work fine. Monday's fine dinner was cubed pork steak, mushrooms stuffed with crab meat and asparagus, Um,Um Good. The rest of the evening was spent visiting.

Tuesday morning after another great breakfast , we did some shopping, and Linda and I were able to find were a laptop computer for our granddaughter’s Christmas. George and I went to a local RV dealer and checked out some fifth wheels. Nothing to exciting so we went back home. In the early afternoon we decided to head on down the road. But we had one more stop to make, Linda's cousin has a winter home in Avon park, only about 15 minutes away.

We packed up for Avon, searching for a place we’ve never been. Our street atlas program took us right to their house. They were glad to see us as we were to see them and we visited for a few hours before venturing off on the golf cart to see the park where they live. It’s a beautiful park manufactured homes on one side and RV Park on the other, all on a beautiful lake. After our tour we went out for a late lunch/early dinner, then back to their place. We talked a while more then said our goodbyes and we were on our way home.

We had a wonderful four days visiting with our friends and relatives. We hope to see you all again soon.

We hope to see you down the road as we’re;

Dancin' on the Wind