Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to the Oil Valley

Well we made it back to Cousin Bonnie's & Scott's house in PA yesterday. On the way down from NY we stopped at an overlook just east of the Allegheny Reservoir. Here's a view of the reservoir.


This critter was sleepin' in the tree in front of us at the overlook.




I believe he's a porcupine.



There was a narrow passageway that went down between the boulders from the overlook. We had to go down here to see where it went, but decided we were not climbin' to the bottom.



It went down to the lakeshore.




Next stop Kinzua Dam, which creates the Allegheny Reservoir.




 This is the Lake side.






This is the tailrace side. 







These guys were just hangin' around in the lake. They looked about 20-24".





Of coarse they like all wild animals know where to hang.





Well that's all for today.

Hope to see ya down the road as were,

Dancin' on the Wind.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Visit with our Best Friends

Well we've been visitin' our niece and her family in NY for a few days and it's been great to see them again. Gloria & Fred took us for a Sunday drive all around their area to show us the countryside. We passed several sites where windmills have been installed to provide energy. These things look big but they are indeed massive, one blade is longer than a tractor trailer to give you some size perspective. They seem to be owned by independent companies that must sell power back to the utility companies. On one stop alone we counted 100 across the skyline.



Windmills generatin' 'Juice'




Everywhere you looked there where more on the hilltops.



Windmills everywhere!




Linda & I went to a local place fer lunch one day and as we're settin' waitin' on our order my foot finds somthin' under the table. Now it feels like a foot but Linda is settin' caty-corner so I'm thinkin' what is her feet doin' over way here? Then I convince myself it must be one 'o'  them four footed table stands, but it's awful soft feelin'. Well you'll never guess what I found under our table.




Some unique table legs.



After stayin' & visitin' with Gloria & Fred for almost a week we had to move on down the road. We had plans to meet our friends from home in Great Valley, NY, which is about 40 miles from Fred & Gloria's house. The plan was to meet at 5PM at a restaurant in Great Valley. Living up to our usual travel plan, we left Gloria's at 10:40AM and traveled the 40 miles to Great Valley and arrived at 4:50PM. "Boy did we take the scenic route". Forty miles in six hours, we were really hot footin' her. We arrived at our rendezvous just as 'Bud' is pullin' in to the lot, what timin'. Following him to  Charlene's, a friends home, we park and start visitin'. Soon we were all at a local eatery and 'Bud' bought everyone supper. On the way home we stopped for Ice cream and some more social time.



Charlene has beautiful flowers around her house and Linda couldn't resist some pics.





Here's the 'Gang' for supper.





We stayed the night at Charlene's, Thanks 'Char'! We went to breakfast at 'Sandy's, best breakfast I've ever eaten out. After breakfast we went with Bud and Linda to Springdale for the weekly action. We picked up some cheese curd and apples, I also got a deal on 10 William Johnstone books on CD, about 60 hours of listening. We then parted company, as they were headin' up Buffalo way to they're sons and we had to head back to Pennsylvania.


So were off for today and we hope to see ya' down the road as we're Dancin' on the Wind

Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye Canada

Well we're back in the good ole US of 'A' ! Nice visit in Canada but it still seems a little foreign to us. We came up and went through Niagara, never can see some sites too much. We stopped at the Devils Hole & the Whirlpool this trip, for the first time.



The aerial tram car over the Whirlpool.




A few days before we got here a 12 year old girl fell into the whirlpool, they were still lookin' fer her today. I didn't see anyplace someone could get that close to the water but they said she was tryin' to dangle her feet in the water and slipped in. So sad things like this have to happen. Always someone too close to the edge or to close to a wild animal and their gone or maimed. Most natural wonders are wonders because they are massive and dangerous. "No wild animals were released into the wild by Walt Disney people"! Lets respect these things and teach our children to respect them and fear the consequences, life is fragile.

Niagara was not to crowded but as we waited for a young family to vacate a parkin' spot on the street, he came up to us and hands us a ticket for parkin' for all day he paid $20 for, Sweet! We thank him and partake of the spot. When we left we did the same for the people takin' our spot. I think $5-600 a day for the 25-30 spots along the street should be sufficient revenue for the vendor. The street area is most likely maintained by the city and the vendor is prospering. Here are some shots of "The Falls".



This is the American side of Niagara Falls.



                A closer View 


'Horseshoe Falls', Canadian side, with the 'Maid of the Mist'.





A Shot of both Falls.




We left Niagara for Fort Erie to make our border crossing at the Peace Bridge.



The flags mark the boundry.




After enterin' the US we made a B-line for the 'Anchor Bar' in Buffalo. They hold the claim of the originator of 'Buffalo Wings', so we had to try 'em. Our evaluation, OFF THE CHAIN!!! Some of the best wings We've ever tried. So good we bought a gallon of their wing sauce to take home.

From there we motored on to our nieces in the country outside Buffalo for some rest and to reflect on the wonderful meal we had just eaten. We can scratch the Anchor Bar off Linda's restaurant database list but I'm sure we'll be back again.

Until the next time, the RV-Anytimers will say;

Maybe we'll see ya' down the road as we're

Dancin' on the Wind

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello, hello is anyone there?

Today is Monday and it was an unproductive day, to a certain extent. Wayne left us his car and we decided to pay a visit to ol' Alexander Graham Bell's house since we only did a drive-by last trip. Well as our luck would have it He must have been off payin' his phone bill or somethin' cause his home was closed up. Turns out they are open every day except Mondays, go figure! Well we did some shoppin' as our trusty Black & Decker 5 cup coffee maker died, so we picked up a new one in Canadian Tire, nice store. After stoppin' a few more places we headed fer home. After a dinner of leftovers from the picnic yesterday we had some conversation and went to bed.

Tuesday we were back at Bell's house and we took the guided tour of the place. He was quite the interestin' fella' as he held patents fer lots of items you wouldn't associate with the inventor of the telephone. Yes the telephone was invented in Canada, first calls were from right here in Brantford to Paris and London, Ontario, Canada, done over fence wire and other junk. Talk about two cans an a piece o' twine!


This is the Home of Alexander Graham Bell.






Here's Linda on one of the workin' telephones in the house.



"Well Doris, did you here what she said at the party the other night"?



Tuesday we were back at Duane and Thyra's house for dinner, those folks can really put on a spread, I would consider them 'Gourmet Cooks'. After a wonderful meal and conversation we had to head for home as we're pullin' out tommorrow.

Well we'll see ya when we get back to the states, until then "Via con Dios".

Dancin' on the Wind

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Clogging Picnic

Today is Monday and I haven't been able to post due to lack of signal for the Sprint aircard. We sit it a valley here next to the Grand River at Wayne's house, so the signal is faint and wavering. We're going to do some shopping today so I'll try and post several days when we're in town.

Saturday we were up at our usual 8:30 and Linda cooked breakfast for us all. Then the girls went shopping for some things for a Cloggers Picnic that Colleen puts on each year. Wayne & I did some things around the house and ran to town. In the afternoon we took a drive to Port Dover to have Dinner at the Erie Beach Hotel and Restaurant . Wayne had taken us here on our last visit and we couldn't wait to go back and sample some more Lake Erie Perch. They serve fish fillets that are 5-6" long at the most and a sweeter fish I have never eaten, It was delicious. After dinner we took a walk around the beachfront. You wouldn't believe it but they have Palm trees planted on the beach.



Here are the girls standing next to one on Lake Erie Beach. Colleen says they dig them up in the winter, maybe they're 'Snowbird' palm trees and they send them to Florida in the winter.




We then took a walk on the Pier.





And had to to get a group shot of the four of us.




Sunday we went out for breakfast and then came back to prepare for the picnic. Everyone brought a dish and there was more than enough food to go around. 100_4373


The group even did some clogging routines before we all sat down to eat.



Thyra and Duane, Wayne's son & daughter-in-law, did the cookin'. It was great! After dinner the group broke up and we cleaned up and were all a little tired so it was off to bed for us.


Monday woke up to find this gang in the yard down by the river. They're here everyday and they're pretty but do they make a mess!


Well we're off to do some shopping in town.

Maybe we'll see ya' down the road as we're

Dancin' on the Wind.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Reunion With Friends

Well we made it our good friends in Brantford, Ontario Thursday night. We left Windmill Park after a good nights sleep and a short breakfast and headed west along Hwy 3 towards Port Colborne.

We decided to see the locks at the end of the Welland Canal system and then drive north along the canal stopping at several of the locks along the way. The canal system was built to facilitate moving ships inland through the Great Lakes. Prior to the canal system with it's numerous locks shipping was limited to Lake Ontario due to the change in elevation between Lake Ontario, at 246' and Lake Erie, at 572'. The locks allow ships to travel 1300 miles inland to the edge of the 'Great Prairies'. The series of eight locks lift ships an average of 46.5' each over the 7 miles between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. There a similar series of locks between the St. Lawrence River at 20 ' elevation and Lake Ontario at 246' elevation.


A shot of the lower side of the lock gates






This was Lock #3 just after this freighter entered.







100_4335The 'Wagenborg' as it prepared to sail out of Lock #3. the lifting process took all of 10 minutes to raise this ship 50'.



We left the canal behind and headed west to Brantford to visit Wayne & Colleen. We got turned around and headed in the wrong direction a few times, thanks to the wonderful highway signage here in Canada, but eventually we made it here. We are now parked in the drive which overlooks the Grand River, with lots of green lawn and trees, just a gorgeous park-like setting. I hope to get down to the river and wet a line soon, but it's kind of muddy due to all the rains that have plagued this area this summer, I don't know what fishing will be like.


Here we sit. Hard to wake up to this out your window.




Wayne's got a beautiful place here.




Later today we're going to Port Dover for a dinner of Lake Erie Perch. The last time we were here we did the same and we were goin' back no matter what. The perch are small and "Absolutely Delicious"!


Almost forgot till I was reviewin' the Pics from yesterday, these folks came visitin' in the afternoon.








Well my fishin' rod is callin' me so I'm off to the river to see what damage I can do to the fish population.

Maybe we'll see ya down the road as were

Dancin' on the Wind.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh Canada!

Well we crossed the Peace Bridge this afternoon from  NY at Fort Erie. Yes, We are in Canada. Ontario to be exact, Ridgeway, Ontario, CA at Windmill Point RV Park, a member park of Passport America. We're just here for an overnite but it's a nice little park, on a quarry with swimming, W&E for $20 a night. We looked into the Provincial Parks but they are way to pricey for us. I guess it's all about location, caused we stayed in Provincial parks in Alberta, BC & the Yukon territories for next to nothing. Those parks were out in the wilderness and not near the shores of Lake Erie. Oh well they can have other peoples money instead of mine and truthfully we'd rather be out there in the wilderness.

We decided to go to CA before we visit our niece & her family in NY, so we've reversed our circle again. Had a wonderful time visiting with cousin Bonnie & Scott and a few days with Uncle Don & Aunt Jessie, we'll be back.



Here we are parked at Bonnie & Scott's for a few days. Had a great time with Ya'll at the "Reunion' and afterward.


Spent a few days parked at the 'Barn' visiting Don & Jessie, even snuck in a Birthday Party with another cousins daughter, great family get together's. We left this morning, late , after a Mickey D's breakfast with Don & Jessie. Took a leisurely drive on the back roads into the heart of Buffalo, Opps! missed the turn for the Peace Bridge and wound up DOWNTOWN. After sneakin' around the block we got the heck outta' there and back on track. We traveled about 125 miles today, not to bad a day. Stopped for lunch at a small lake in NY.


This was a small lake administered by the NY State Game Commission. It was designated as a fishing Access point. There were more 'DON'TS than DO'S on their regulatory sign.

Passed through many Amish communities in SW NY seein' buggies at the farms and stores along our route. Here are a couple of examples, cause these buggies were everywhere.



Linda shot this through the windshield as we rounded a bend, not much time to get the camera on and get a shot.


Well tomorrow we don't know what's in store, we will be making our way to our friend Wayne's, but we don't have to be there till around five or so. Actually were a day early so we'll just set up in his drive and wait to surprise him.

Well I'll go for now.

See ya down the road as were Dancin' on the Wind.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looks like we made it!

We were up fairly early early, 7:30 and back on the road after some coffee. Stopped a few miles up the highway for a quick breakfast at Mickey D's, then it was back on the road, we had some miles to cover today. Up Interstate 81 to I 77, on in VA, I 77 to US19 in WV, to I 79 WV to PA and on to our destination. Arrived at Linda's cousin's around 6PM and setup in their driveway. On the drive up we passed some nice scenery and we hope to visit some of it on the way back south.

100_4302This is the only scenic overlook we encountered on the highways through WV.

This is beautiful country and we're going to enjoy exploring it later in the trip.

We were originally looking to camp in the WV mountains for a few weeks but decided that we would go straight to PA for the family reunion. After stayin' a few days to catch our breath and rest up we'll head up to visit our niece in NY, then over to Ontario to visit friends. Then the circle will take us back here to PA to spend a few weeks. Then were free to go wherever we want to.

A number of months back there was talk of the RV industries building a 60 foot fifth wheel, now that they had conquered full side slide outs. Well we encountered a rig, although not an RV, we thought was impossible to move done the road. I was able to snap a couple of quick shots of this rig at the  Pennsylvania Welcome Center, while the 'Smokies' were crawling all over it writing a novel in citations.


This rig was 198 feet long pulled by one tractor. I can't imagine what one would haul on it. Talk about a rubber bill, this thing has 74 tires and a toll bill that would put a dent in anyone's wallet with 19 axles.

Well gotta run for now.

See Ya down the road, as were Dancin' on the Wind.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Were Half Way There

100_4270Up Early and an early start to the travel day, 7:15AM. Lee's Country Campground, in White Springs was a treat. Clean, clean bathhouse, new facilities, W&E with 2 dump stations for 38 sites and only $13 PA rate.   

Fueled up just across the GA line at Flying J, diesel $4.27 a gallon. WOW, can't believe we consider that a deal today. Just passed 2 Momma deer and their fawns, in south GA, travelin' north on US 129. No more big blue roads for today, I think. US 129 north of Alapaha, GA, home of 'Hogzilla' and Georgia Giant Bream. US 129 more wildlife, had to slow down to allow a family of 4 Otters cross the highway. Stopped for lunch at "Popeyes", Linda says she's gonna start cluckin'. Temps have been risin' all day but I wouldn't expect anything else for GA in August, in the upper 90's. Athens, GA 3:50PM, ran into a rain storm and the temp dropped from 97 to 73 degrees. Now that's what we've been lookin' for, cooler weather.


Mountains are comin' into view

Cruised on up to our place in Bryson City, NC and dropped off some stuff I need to finish some work, we'll stop on our way back. While we were there we took the opportunity to shower, then off we went for some more 'White Line Fever'. Crossed over the mountains through the Great Smoky National Park and hooked up with Interstate 81 north, "Oh No". Stopped for the night in Bristol, TN at 11PM, almost 16 hours of travel, minus food and fuel stops, is still a long day but we've got a deadline to meet.

Oh yeah, temp is 65 degrees so goodnight for now.

See ya down the road as we're Dancin' on the Wind

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On The Road Again

YeeHa!!! RV-Anytimers are on the road again. Rollin' down FL Hwy 100 Headin' for White Springs, FL to a Passport America park for an overnite stay. Stopped off in Daytona for some 'o' the Colonel's wings for supper. We wanted to stop at a Popeye's Chicken but it was to far off the Interstate. That's right I said Interstate, not much like us to frequent the "Big Blue Roads", but in FL some times there is little choice. We have a good road system, with 4 interstates, and to travel from here to there sometimes requires Interstate travel. Otherwise you're into one of those "You can't get there from here" situations.
We decided to leave today and drive to Titusville, PA for a family reunion on Saturday the 9th. Were gonna be puttin' on Mega Miles at Supersonic Speed, for us at least. We'll overnite tonite in north Fl, and tommorrow night at our place in NC. That is unless we get into NC early, then we'll travel on down the road some more. As the song goes "We got a long way to go and a short time to get there". When we get to White Springs we'll have 262 miles under our belt for today and we left home at 4PM.
Well seein' how I been writin' this in the truck travelin' down the road, Linda's drivin', I'm runnin' out 'o' light to see what I'm doin'. Really tests a fellas typin' knowledge.
I'll have to see ya down the road as we're Dancin' on the Wind.