Saturday, November 20, 2010

Get Ready! We’re 'Movin’

No, We haven’t sold the house, but it’s real temptin’.

RV is movin’ to a new site. I been workin’ on a blog page that’s new & improved. Improved? That’s yet to be determined. Just a new look fer’ the site. It’ll still be hung on this here fence, just spread out a mite more, so’s we can cover some o’ the graffiti that someone's been scribblin’ on it when I’m not lookin’. Don’t want to reveal to much cause that would take away from the ‘Sur..prize’. Ya’ll will see one day real soon.

Our friends from Ontario zipped down Sunday, and I do mean zipped. Nineteen hours from Buffalo,NY where they attended a friends wedding on Saturday. I couldn’t believe it when they called Monday morning, Yikes, ya’ll must have broke the sound barrier at least once. I remember my Dad driving from NYC to FL in 21 hours and that was movin’!

Well we are enjoyin’ the time we get to spend with them over the next week, then it’s back to ‘The North Country’, Oh Canada, my home & Native Land. Theirs not mine! Oh Baby it cold up there, not just yet, but it’s comin’ soon.

Well I’d better get back to tweakin’ that new page so’s I can show it to ya’ll. As always, travel safe, we hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How ‘bout some ‘Wish You Were Here’ Pics?

I don’t have much to rant about today. We’re havin’ a Birthday Party fer’ our granddaughter Ashley, she’s gonna be 15, so we’re preparin’ fer’ a passel o’ teenagers, YIKES! Just some barbequed chicken, pop, salads and my fill o’ screamin’ & gigglin’ girls, sounds like fun huh?
Since there’s nothin’ new in our ‘RV Traveling World, I thought I’d post some pics from a past trip we’ve taken, just to make ya’ drool a might. Lets see if’n I can roll ‘em all into a nice sli…de presentation.
If you wish to view this slide show with the full screen option click on the link below. You will be taken to a new window Check the bottom right of the video for size controls.
Was the trip worth it? You betcha! It was everything I had imagined and more. Would I go back? “Durned Skippy I would”. The Mrs. might take some convincin’, but me I’d go in a New york minute! Was it expensive? Was milk $10 a gallon and eggs a dollar a piece? Absolutely not, everything was close to the price we pay at home includin’ fuel. Now there are some things that aren’t so readily available, like fresh produce. Plenty grown by Alaskans but for their own consumption. Oh yeah things in BC, Canada & the Yukon are a little pricey, but no more than they are in Ontario, Canada across the border from Niagara Falls.
If ya’ ever have the desire to go up to the ‘North Country’ it’s an experience ya’ wont soon forget. The trip through that part of Canada is as just fascinating as the Alaskan experience. Me I’m a bit of an old western romantic, so pullin’ into town to find only a Tradin’ Post with fuel pumps out front is my kind of adventure. I kept watchin’ fer’ Sgt. Preston & his wonder dog “Yukon King’.
We were lucky enough to camp with a couple from Fort Nelson, BC. She said they always see signs around town makin’ folks aware of bears frequenting the parkin’ lot of the market or community center and such. It’s probably the last & only true ‘Wilderness’ you will ever have the pleasure of seein’ in your lifetime. Oh yea this is ‘Boondockin’ Heaven’, as you can camp anywhere. We even camped at the Marina on the harbor, in Valdez. Backed right in a parkin’ space with our truck camper, bought fresh fish, watched the boats goin’ in & out fer’ two days. Nobody bothered us. We even stopped at visitor centers to ask what the cities policy was on campin’ on the street, only to get confused looks and the response, “As far as I know we don’t have one, you can camp anywhere.
Oh yeah I mentioned truck camper. This is the ideal rig to see Alaska in cause it’s so maneuverable & small. Big rigs are roomy & comfortable, but the road in the upper half of the Yukon is pretty rough early in the season, till the crews get to pullin’ up last years frost heaved surface and get her graded.
There is a book I recommend if yer’ plannin’ on takin’ the trip, it’s called the Milepost and it’s updated every year. It’s like the Bible of the North Country and it lists every little thing that you will find along any highway, mile by mile, in BC, Yukon & Alaska. See if you can go to your library and get an older version, it excited me just readin’ it. But do get a current issue to take with ya’, as you’ll need it. It’s invaluable.
So what are ya’ waitin’ on? Get plannin’! It’s a trip of a lifetime.
Well gotta go. Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;