Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jackpot? Naa…!

We left Titusville and headed south in a round about way due to a detour. We were passin’ through Franklin and I said let’s stop and say goodbye to Diane & Denny, just take a few minutes right? Naa… Dennis was there but Diane wasn’t yet and Denny called to find out she was 15 minutes away.  Ok so we can wait 15 minutes. We walked over from the office to the store to have a cup of coffee while we wait. When Diane arrived they asked us to have lunch with them. After some arm twistin’ we agreed. We had some pasta, mine with meatballs and sausage. Diane also ordered enough wings so we could all share. We have also had pizza from one of their other stores about a month ago with them and Linda & I stopped one morning for a breakfast sandwich at a third store. All the food was all surprisingly excellent for a convenience store and I would have to recommend Red Express for a quick delicious bite to anyone.

After lunch we said our goodbyes and were on our way again. Someone decided we needed a new route so we headed west to OH. Stopping at a Flying J just inside OH we fueled up, dumped the tanks, filled the LP tank and added some air to one tire that seemed a little low. I always like Flying J for a propane fill cause they charge by the gallon. So many places now are charging by the size of the tank, no matter how full or empty it is. Just another rip-off!

We then headed south on US11 towards WV. When we reached Wheeling we stopped for the night at Wheeling Racetrack & Casino. After we split a sub from Subway we decided to check out the casino. Most casinos offer some sort of promotional deal if you sign up for a ‘Players Club Card’. Well we signed up and got $10 in free slot money, then started to peruse the casino. We stopped to watch a woman playing, then asked her a question, next thing we were just gabbin’ away. While the girls were gabbin’ I was gettin’ bored so I put my card in the penny machine in front of me and started to play. after gettin’ down to about $1.50 I hit for a decent amount, then hit for a good amount, I cashed out with almost $17. Linda sat at the machine the lady vacated and started to play after losing pretty steady she hit good and she cashed out with almost $11, so together we walked with about $28. Not bad for a stop for some free play. After we cashed out we walked around a little, checked out the dog track and bought a Power Ball ticket each with our winnings. Then we left and returned to the camper for the night.

Tuesday found us headed west then south, then west again. We stopped in Charleston,WV at another casino. This time they had no promotion going so we looked around and left. We stopped at what I call the ‘Feed Bag’, better known to Y’all as the Golden Corral. I call it the ‘Feed Bag’ cause after eatin’ there I feel like I’ve been fattened up fer slaughter. We spent some more of our winnings so lunch was on Wheeling. Then we were on the road again.

Tonight we’re stayin’ at a Passport America park for $12, full hook-up, called Walnut Meadow RV. The folks here seem very friendly and eager to please. The park is fine for an overnighter stop, we’ve stayed in a lot worse for a lot more money.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings for us. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodbye Titusville

Well we’ve completed our last visit and it’s time to start headin’ south towards our Smoky Mountain home. At this point we will probably only take a few days to reach our next destination in Spring City, TN. Our friends Margie & Odean will be surprised and happy to see us as we are to see them.

We stayed at the Big Red Barn at Don & Jessie’s for the last five days and visited with them. One day Linda and I went for a walk down to Drake Well State Park, birthplace of the oil industry, like we usually do. Instead of walking the bike trail that spans between Drake Well Park and Oil Creek State Park, we walked the levee that surrounds Drake Well Park. During our walk we passed all the early drilling, pumping and storage equipment located in the park. They still have pumps working today run by a big one cylinder motor and powered by push rods. If your in the area it is worth a stop to see the park, as it is quite interesting to see the innovative ideas they came up with.

This year is the 150th Anniversary of the discovery of oil and this summer they have had quite a celebration all summer long. When we last were here they were putting the finishing touches on a mural in downtown commemorating the anniversary. It seemed like they went from blank walls to finished in just a few days and it is beautiful.

The Titusville Commemorative Mural

The Titusville Commemorative Mural

Our days here have been relaxing and we’re ready to “Hit the road” again. Linda & I have slept so well here that we both commented on it this mornin’. One would think being retired and being able to travel that we would have little on minds to wake us or keep us awake. I can’t speak for the other half but I sometimes seem to still think about things that I need to get done, or things we have to squeeze into our schedule. I guess it’s just human nature. Lets hope we continue in this pattern of restful sleep.

Well see what the next leg of our journey brings. Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Visit Comes to an End

After our “Eatin’ Frenzy” campin’ trip with Diane & Denny we are back at Bonnie’s for a few days. We have some last minute rush visitin’ to try and get done. Linda has a couple o’ girlfriends from her high school days we want to try to hookup with. When we got ‘home’ to Bonnie’s,  Scott’s sister, Sheila, that Linda went to school with back in the day, was visiting with her husband Al. Bonnie had made a wonderful beef stew dinner and after dinner the girls visited, laughed and slashed and cut up on many of their school mates. They were joined by another girlfriend Rosemary around 8 and just kept at it until it was time to retire for the night. Before they broke up Linda & Rosemary made a lunch date for the following day.




Left to right, Linda, Sheila & Rosemary




Monday, Sheila & Al were headed back home to Michigan, but first they invited us to join them and Bonnie for breakfast. After our weekend “Eatin’ Frenzy” we decided to decline they’re invite and have coffee & toast at home. We’re just to full from the campin’.

Before noon we headed up to Wally world to get an oil change on the truck. We were meetin’ for lunch but we had time to drop it off and it would be all finished when we returned from lunch. We then moseyed on over to Bob Evans for lunch. Rosemary, her husband Don and Bonnie were waitin’ fer us. We had a nice lunch, stuffed again, and a nice visit with Rose & Don. When we left to return to pickup the truck, it wasn’t done, they didn’t even start. Seems they forgot to have me sign some wavier, so they never touched it. So we wait! When we were finally done we left and went to visit Aunt Mary, Bonnie’s mom, for a while. When we returned to home, to Bonnie’s she wanted to know “Where have you been?” I said,”We were visitin’ your Mommy”. She couldn’t say any more. Dinner was next to nuthin’ cause we were all still stuffed!

In the evening Linda went out with Rosemary to visit Rosemary’s mother for a little while, I got to rest.

Tuesday we were scheduled to see Aunt Doris, who was takin’ us to a little country church Linda used to attend when she was just a little shaver. Well the visit took the whole day. We chewed the fat for two and a half hours, then went to the church, then they took us to lunch at a little restaurant called Montana’s. Lunch was delicious. Linda & I both ordered what we thought was an opened face sandwich, since it was two o’clock already,Ha-ha,. Mine came on two pieces of thick cut sourdough and hers on big rye. Boy are we stuffed again, and we have a dinner invite fer 6PM. We got back to Bonnie’s just in time to change clothes and leave for our dinner date.




The Little Church








Cousin Ron, Aunt Doris, Linda and Doris’ sister Beverly




We met Rose and Craig at a little Italian restaurant, in Oil City, we had eaten at with them on a previous trip. We tried to eat lite, no luck, I feel like curlin’ up like one o’ them rolly-polly bugs. We had a great time and closed the restaurant. Thanks fer’ the great meal and company Rose & Craig. We’ll see ya next trip, unless y’all can make it to FL in the meantime.

Wednesday we loaded the camper on the truck for we are departin’ for Don & Jessie’s before we start our slow trek southward. They been havin’ some heavy rain compliments o’ Mother Nature, in the south so I’ll  have to do some research afore we go runnin’ to far south.

Well that’s all fer now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Campin’ with the Cousins - Part II

We are together again with cousin Diane & Denny for another weekend campin’ extravaganza! Linda & I wanted to spend some one on one time with them before we moved on down the road. Not sure when we’ll be movin’ on but we’re talkin’ about meetin’ Jason, our son, in NC nearabouts the early part of October. Still have more visitin’ or re-visitin’ to get done here.  We decided this weekend was a do or die for a campin’ trip with the ‘Campin Cousins’. We decided on the same spot as last time as it’s convenient for them and us and it’s nice and quiet here fer visitin’.

On arrivin’ at Tionesta we stopped for some ice to chill our adult beverages, then went to see the Lighthouse. That’s right I said Lighthouse! Who’d of though, a Lighthouse on the Allegheny River between two dams. We have seen the Lighthouse from the other side of the river several times travelin’ up & down the road and just have not finagled a stop to see it. Of course it wasn’t open today but we still got to walk around it, snap some pic’s and learn the story behind it.


It was built and owned by the Sherman family as a beneficial landmark for the Tionesta community and to serve as a place to preserve the heritage of the Sherman Family. It is 75 feet high, 16 feet in diameter, six floors and a basement, it has a rotating light in the 24 foot tall lantern room at the top. Quite the memorial. The family has erected three more on the shores of Lake Erie.

We arrived at the Tionesta Outflow camping area, and it’s deserted, even the camphost is not here. We set up in the #2 space and after a while decided to get the fire goin’ so’s we can cook chicken on ‘er later. So here we set waitin’ on our campin’ buds so’s we can commence ta’ havin’ a good time.




They ain’t sqeezin’ em in right now




Diane & Denny arrived around four thirty and we gave ‘em a hand settin’ up camp. Then I chimed up “It’s five o'clock somewhere” and broke out an ‘Girlie Beer’. Good thing we started the fire cause Diane said we needed some appetizers of bacon wrapped scallops, Yum, Yum.




I could eat these all night 







Then came the Peach Bourbon Glaze







Next came the MOJO marinated chicken




After a great dinner we all spent the evening sitting around the campfire. Real close to the campfire cause it got really cold down there in that holler the camp sits in. We finally relented and retired to the campers around 10PM.

Saturday we were awake at 6AM courtesy of the clown with the truck camper in the site next to us. His starter on the truck kept spinning thru and grinding till it finally started. Think he could get it fixed, na…., Here’s your sign.  He arrived Friday night while we were eatin’ our dinner and promptly threw a big bag off firewood out the back door then threw some of it in the fire ring and struck a flare to ignite his fire. It was so appetizing smellin’ all that sulphur eatin’ dinner. Ya think people would have more consideration fer their neighbors. We never saw the guy the rest of the night I think he went to bed.

Since all were up early we had a big breakfast then ran to the Flea Market for some fleas. Lord knows we need some new fleas. I did get a vacuum breaker rebuild kit for the commode in the 5’ver for $5. If it fits I saved myself better than $50, if it doesn’t I’m out the five. We then went back to camp for some pie iron pizzas, yummie.  After a filling lunch we chatted fer a time before Denny said “Do I have to force everybody into the car for ice cream cones?” Not in this lifetime!!! We all piled in the car and we were off for dessert.  There’s a little country store in East Hickory, PA down the road that has the best waffle cones, I had Oregon  Blackberry Cheesecake. Then it was back to camp to prepare fer dinner, whew! Dinner was tube steaks, leftover chicken, baked beans & Linda’s potato salad.

Sunday was a lazy day. Breakfast, lounging, lunch and more lounging, throw in some showers and a walk and that comprised our day till we had to break camp and head for home. We said our goodbye’s and were off back to Seneca.

That’s all I have for now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seneca, PA

Hi! We’re back at Bonnie & Scott’s fer the next week or so minus the upcoming weekend when we’ll be campin’ again with Diane & Denny.

On the way down from Gloria’s we made several stops. First stop the auction at Springville,NY, held every Wednesday. The first time we visited this auction was probably the early eighty’s. They have an livestock auction in a big barn in the afternoon as well as an auction outside in the morning and a flea & farmers market that runs till about 2PM. Last year I bought a series of Graphic Audio CD’s from my favorite western author, William Johnstone, for a measly $10. The Graphic Audio CD’s are more like a movie than a book in that they have all the sound effects associated with the story. I was only able to find one book to purchase, a Johnstone western. The I bought some yummy New York XXXX Sharp cheese. Then we moved on down the road.

When we got to Great Valley, NY we detoured to a yummy little place that Bud & Linda turned us onto called Sandy’s. Last time we were here we all had a fish luncheon that was so good I thought I’d gone ta’ heaven. Today the special was Cheeseburger and fries or potato soup or salad. It was not as good as usual, but I guess everybody has ‘Off Days’. Before we left we bought a loaf of her cinnamon Raisin bread. Sandy makes all of her own bread, muffins, cinnamon rolls & doughnuts everyday and they are Good….

Back on the road again we stopped to fuel up in Killbuck, NY, Diesel at $2.51 a gallon, can’t beat that. We then to Allegheny State Park. Just wanted to drive thru a check out the park. It is really beautiful and as we started to go up, up, up the mountain the fall colors were starting to come on strong. We checked out the Red House Campground and it was nice, sites a little to close together for us.

Down the road to Bradford Linda wanted to stop at the Zippo museum. Zippo has been manufactured in Bradford since the early 30’s, the company gettin’ it start durin’ the depression.  The museum was nice and in the 90’s they acquired another Bradford institution, Case Knives, which are also exhibited in the museum.




Zippin’ along at Zippo




Yea! we’re here at Bonnie & Scott’s after a trip of 156 miles and only 9 hours on the road with many stops. We’ve only one day here and then it off on a weekend campin’ trip with Diane & Denny.

Well that’s all for now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in the good ole’ USA

We’re back in the State’s. We did stop at Duty Free to look for some Woody’s pink grapefruit, my new favorite ‘Girlie Beer’. They had some in 4 packs but they were 10 or 12 oz. bottles for $8.99. A little too rich fer this fella! I’ll try to find it when we get back home.





Yummie Stuff!





We traveled to our niece’s house in Holland, NY where we will sit for three days or so and visit with them. We timed this visit just right cause Gloria, who normally works Saturdays, was off this week so we spent the day with her, Fred was workin’ on one of the many local farms.

The next three days were spent just visitin’, eatin’ and unwindin’, although the girls did go shoppin’ a couple ‘o’ times. Seems Gloria wants to redo her kitchen and Aunt Linda was the perfect sounding board/advisor. They even got me involved in strippin’ wallpaper off the kitchen one day.

When we were here a few weeks ago  Gloria’s horse Ben was not gettin’ around to good and this visit he had regressed further to the point Gloria had to have him put down. She was pretty upset about that and Linda consoled her as much as possible.Strange how things seem to work sometime in the fact that we were here but left only to return at a time when we were needed here.

All in all we had a great visit. Thank you Gloria & Fred. We wish we weren't so far so we could visit more often.

Next stop is back to PA and Bonnies & Scott’s for a few days.

Hope to see ya down the road as were;

Dancin on the Wind.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back in the 'Slow Lane'

Yeah team! The last few days we spent with our friends in Ontario were at a more relaxed pace.

Wednesday Wayne and I went to a couple of 'Big Box Stores' for some supplies. He has been replacing the siding on his garage since he has retired and had three sides completed. We picked up some 1x3's, 1x4's, some glue and screws. Returning to the house we measured and cut all the pieces, for the 40' garage, then proceeded to install everything. Whew!!! We worked for a solid two hours straight. I haven't worked that hard in a long time. Just got done in time to clean up then have cocktails. Dinner was at home this evening, followed by chewin' of the fat, then we all turned in.

Thursday Wayne went to work to pick up a truck so's we could make another trip to pick up siding now that the glue had a chance to dry. He returned and we went back to the 'Big Box' for the siding. We had pre-measured and had all the siding cut to length at the store, sweet. After a bite to eat we started puttin' up the sheets o' siding. Glue, place, align & screw, only nine more sheets to go. After two & a half hours we were done, looks like I got in a half hour of OT today. I told Wayne that was going to cost him. In the evening we drove to Kichner so Wayne & Colleen could practice for an upcoming Clogging show on Sunday. Colleen has been a Clogging instructor for many years and holds classes in two cities near them.

Friday was a day of chores, getting ready for a departure on Saturday. Colleen got home from work early today and we went to out dinner at a local restaurant called Kelsie's. Kind of like an Applebee's or TGI Fridays, not bad, but not good either. After dinner we drove over to Duane & Thyra's to say "Thank You" for their hospitality and also "Goodbye" for now. Thyra will be coming to Florida this November for several weeks vacation and we will get to see her then.

Saturday we were up at the crack of 8:30, as usual, for a short travel day. Wayne had to go in to work to check some layout on a job so we had breakfast and got ready to roll. He came back as we were finishing up and started our Goodbyes. "Goodbye Wayne & Colleen, we love you both", and "Thanks again for everything".

Next stop our niece Gloria's in NY for a few days as we promised.

Hope to see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stop the ride, I Want to Get Off!

We’re still in Ontario visiting our friends Wayne & Coleen. Since we got here they have been takin’ us everywhere mornin’, noon & night, busy, busy , busy. Sunday Coleen had to get a gift for an upcoming wedding, so the girls went shopping. Y’all know I love shoppin’ about as much as poison ivy, so I was glad to stay home, but not fer long. Wayne decide to take me to the Canadian Heritage Museum in Hamilton. The museum is a collection of Canadian aircraft both static and operational, flying aircraft. The collection boasts fighters from WWI, WWII and more recent. One of the aircraft is a Avaro Lancaster of WWII vintage. It is one of only two still flying today.

Lets take a quick flight

We got back to the Homestead just in time for an afternoon ‘Toddy’ before it was off to Duane & Thyra’s for an afternoon and evening of liquid libation & culinary delights. They had played a round of golf in the morning and everyone was invited back to the house in the afternoon. While the festivities progressed Duane recuited his friends for small feat of strength. They moved a play house/tree house down the block from the neighbors. Quite a feet as thier yard is completely fenced with 6 foot privacy fence and they had to work around a swimmin’ pool and hot tub.


The’re puttin’ the roof back on


Easy Does It!


Ready for the KIDS?

Food, drink and fun were the order of the afternoon and evening. Argentine steak appetizer, Beef ribs main course, corn, spicy potatoes, all delicious. Thank you Duane & Thyra you’re very special people.

After saying our goodbye’s we headed home for a good night’s sleep. The weather here has been rainy, as it has been everywhere this summer, but everywhere we’ve been we have encountered very little rain. It’s been sunny skies where ever the RV Anytimers stop to visit, we must be ‘Lucky Charms’. See’ins as one of the main reasons we’re here, to escape the heat at home, we are doin’ just fine. I think we’ve had one day in the high 80’s since we left home July 7th.

Monday we loaded up in Wayne’s car for the trip to Fort Erie Beach in Port Dover. Whenever we visit up here we make a trip to the Erie Beach Hotel for a Perch dinner with celery bread. The perch are the sweetest and tastiest that we have found in our travels. After dinner we walked the beach and out onto the pier. Those that follow us will recall they had palm trees planted on the beach when we were here last year. Well they’re still here. After the pier we stopped for an ice cream cone. I felt like a tick about to pop!

Well I hope we’re gonna slow down a little over the next few days.

We’ll see what the new day brings.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

‘O’ Canada

Well we said we were headed to Canada and here we are after a slight delay. Seems I was detoured to our niece’s house in NY for a three day stay first. We arrived in the early afternoon Wednesday and parked in our usual spot. When Gloria got home she got her a surprise, us. We had dinner with the family and visited for a while in the evening.

I called Wayne in Canada to make sure they were going to be home and tell them we would arrive on Saturday afternoon. He was fine with that but at the end of the conversation said if we could make it earlier that would be better. Seems Colleen took off Thursday, Friday and Monday from work cause they figured we’d be a rollin’ in., Talk about timin’. Well after hearin’ that we asked Gloria, if it was alright if we left in the morning as long as we promised to stop on our return. I don’t think she was too happy about loosin’ us so soon, but she conceded and we were off Thursday morning.

We arrived at Brantford, ON at about 3:30PM after gettin’ turned around a couple ‘o’ times. Wayne was a settin’ on the porch waitin’. Colleen was off shoppin’ with her Mom. They came home after a while and we all some burgers I burn to perfection on Wayne’s grill. We visited the rest ‘o’ the night.

Friday, after a hearty breakfast, we all headed out for the Butterfly Conservatory  in Cambridge. The Conservatory was quite interesting as there was variety of butterflies, birds & plantlife.

Butterfly Collage 2




A Butterfly Collage





Friday evening we had been invited to Duane & Thyra’s for dinner. They love to cook and as always the meal was extraordinary. Thyra also turned this ole boy onto a new ‘Adult Beverage’, Woody's Pink Grapefruit. Now I have a likin’ to a new ‘Girly Beer.

Saturday we were up early for a trip to a local Farmers Market. They had the typical flea market fare but also had many local farmers sellin’ their goodies. We picked up some cauliflower and some apples for a pie, Yummm. We left the market and had lunch in a Amish restaurant. Fresh rolls, Doughnuts and all homemade food, it was great. Saturday night Wayne & Colleen took us to the local fair in Paris. After parking we all got a chance to ride in a hot air balloon.





Colleen & Linda Goin’ Up









Here’s the view as we lift off





We watched the Demolition Derby, walked around the fair, got some fair food then headed for home. It was a late night so we just turned in.

That’s all for now.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sanbourn Grange Picnic

Howdy! We made it to the Grange!




Left to right that’s Linda & Bud, our Lance, And Bud’s sister’s camper



After settin’ up camp we went for a ride so Bud could show us his old haunts as a kid growin’ up. We drove by the lane where his homestead was. He showed us were he went to school. We went all over the area, then it was time to meet  Bud’s Brother-in-law, Lou for dinner. We had decided to eat at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, another stop on the Triple D Tour. Linda had seen it on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food network and y’all know how she is when it comes to that. The place is known for their burgers, 2, 3, 5, 7, 15 pound, and even much bigger. They have Burger Challenge where ya eat a burger in the allotted time ya get it free. None of us were up for that! Linda & Lou did have a burger while Bud, Linda and I had a fish dinner. Everyone’s Dinner was excellent as opposed to the last time we visited a stop on the ‘Triple D Tour’.

We all sat by the fire for the evening and then called it a day.

Saturday was the Picnic and people started rollin' in early, to do the preparations. Linda#2 was wonrdein' if we got the right weekend, cause they normally see a lot more activity on Friday. Well we figured if it was there was no picnic, we'd just have our own. I went down around 12:30 and purchased some tickets for us. We had been expectin' rain all day and as soon as we all went into the building to eat, the sky opened up. Then just as we finished dinner it stopped, lucky us. They served turkey or pork with all the fixin's, includin' many varieties of pie. It was Gooooooood. After dinner we went down to one of the open pavilions to talk. In the other pavilion they were playin' Bingo & my gal headed over there to contribute some money and she did.

We all straggled back to our camp after a while and sat, you guessed it, sat around the campfire.

Sunday the guys hung around camp while the gals went to town fer vittles. Just a day hangin' around camp fer me. The night was spent..........




Sittin' Around the Campfire




Oh yeah we had a visitor to come to camp. If ya look in the picture above, on my chair you'll see a little white kitten that came a callin'. She wasn't skittish at all and came right over when called.

The four of us went for a ride Monday around the area, just sorta 'Site See'in'. We stopped in the little town of Coalport at the Five & Dime where I picked up a brochure on local sites. Our next stop was the Coal Museum in town. Quite terrific, mining tools, pictures, maps, lots & lots of information on the industry that forged the town. On the way back to camp we picked up some fresh corn fer dinner. The corn was roasted on the open fire at camp. Dinner was delicious then it was back to the campfire for the night.

Tuesday we broke camp and said our goodbyes to each other, we'll see Bud & Linda when we get home in November.

Goodbye Good Friends.

Now we are headed towards Canada and they are headed back to NY for a while before headin' home to FL.

Well we'll see what the next leg of our journey brings. Until then we hope to see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.