Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cookin’ in the Heat

First I’d like to say I’m sorry I haven‘t posted in so long but I don’t want this here Blog to become my cryin’ towel or my soapbox. It’s supposed to be an upbeat RV/travel related story I’m tryin’ to tell here and it’s hard to write sometimes when you don’t have any RV related stuff to write about.

We been doin’ a whole lot a nothin’ for the past few months. Did take our annual trip to the Florida State Clogging Convention, this year in Winter Haven. Stayed at Lakeshore Palms RV Park, a Passport America park, with some friends and had a great time there. The convention was OK and I think this may be our last one for a while. I’m not dancin’ anymore and that’s what holds us here, while the summer heat builds. Maybe next year we can ‘Get Outa Dodge’ earlier so we can enjoy the spring elsewhere.

A long time back I spoke of improvin’ the road to our place, well I decided to take some of that material and put in an RV pad for the 5’ver and the Lance. Where they sit now seems a little to low when we get our tropical downpours during Hurricane season and they wind up sittin’ in water till the ground soaks it up. Sometimes that takes a while, last year we had just a Tropical Storm that dropped 19.5 inches of water on us in 2 days. So I created an ‘L’ shaped pad in a higher spot in our backyard that won’t pond water.




   New RV Pads





Now I’ve been up every mornin’ near the crack of dawn to beat the heat (somewhat, it’s still 78-80 at that time), while I dig a 110 feet of trench from the existing power to the new location. I have 50 amp service at present and I’m extending it to include 50, 30 and 20 amp services at the new locale. While I’m at it I figured to run water at the same time. So I work a couple of hours each morning and then quit. I have all but 3 feet of trench between pedestals dug, pipe installed and backfilled, with my ‘Georgia Backhoe’. That leaves about 30 feet of water line trench left to dig, to get to the house. I’m not pullin’ wire till we get back from our trip this summer.




No diesel needed for this Backhoe, but it does require fuel and determination.





“Did I say Trip?” Yeah we are headed up to the mountains,in Bryson City, for about a week. We’re headed out July 10th & taking our granddaughter with us. Our daughter and grandson are comin’ up as well. Haven’t worked out the route after that week in the mountains, but our granddaughter is coming with us. I’ll let ya’ll know when we know.

Until the next time, hope to see ya down the road as we’re Dancin’ on the Wind.