Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gears 'r' Turnin', Smell any Smoke?

Well here it is the end of the month already. I swear the older ya get the faster the time seems to go. Sorry I haven't posted in so long, Just didn't seem to have it in me, it's been a long month.

When last I left ya we were bouncin' along the road headed south. We made it to our girlfriends home in Kissimmee, had a great time with her & her daughter. Thanks for all the hospitality Rose & Courtney and thanks for makin' my girls birthday so memorable. We had a rip roarin' time at 'Wisperin' Canyon', boy if that aint an oxymoron.

Well we came home to find the fridge' in the house had decided to take a vacation while we were out ramblin' round the south, it just decided it wasn't workin'. Luckily our son discovered it the day it quit and transferred all the frozen stuff to their freezer, lost some stuff but not to bad. It was smellin' like a critter got up in there and died so we worked at cleanin' it over & over with everything under the sun to get the ' aroma' out. We did cleaners galore, bleach, bakin' soda, Oust', put charcoal, bakin' soda, even damp newspapers in there for nigh on two weeks, all the while livin' out of the frig' in the 5'ver. You know what a pain it is to get up to your mornin' cup 'o' joe only to have to go outside to get some milk to lighten it up a tad? Almost force a fella to drink it black! Well everything is fine now, whatever that critter was he must a vamoosed.

One evening our daughter & Grand daughter showed up with pillows under their arms. They have been sharin ' a house with our other daughter and decided they couldn't get along anymore. So they're litein' here till she can get on her feet an get their own place. A week later Linda's Aunt & Uncle from Pennsylvania come for their annual pilgrimage to soak up some sunshine. Just like we predicted when we we were up visitin' them this past summer, they have had an extremely hard winter. Snow, snow, snow, ice and temps in the -20's, Brrrrrrrr. Well they're here now soakin' up the winter warmth of Florida. So right now we have a house full and things are a mite busy round here.

I've been strainin' my grey matter a mite kickin' round some idea's to make our dry campin' easier. First one is. I'd like to add a second 125 amp battery to the Lance, somewhere, and maybe a 100 watt solar setup. There is no place to put a second battery anywhere in it, so it's gonna take some plannin'. I'd like the solar rig but I know down the road we'll have to give up Lance to fulltime in the 5'ver, and I hate to invest the money cause I know I won't get it out. Then again maybe I'll just take the solar panel off the roof addin' it to the 5'ver's system and leave all the rest of the system installed.

Next I'm pricin' out components for a solar system for the 5'ver, probably 400-500 watts to start. I know 6 volt golf cart batteries, like Trojan's T-105 will have more longevity than 12 volt deep cycle batteries, but at twice the price I haven't decided.

That's a project for the future but a fella's got to start plannin'. I've found a source for 100 watt solar panels at a reasonable price, so I have to come up with some funding while the deal is there. Even before that, I have to see the specifications on the panels,. Not buyin' a 'Pig in a Poke'.

Well got to get outside an' do some measurin', plannin' & cypherin'.

Until the next time. Hope to see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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