Friday, January 22, 2010

A night out with Friends

First let me digress. Linda had her a Dr. appointment today cause back in December fore the holidays she tore a tendon in her finger and has been on ‘Light Duty’, wearin’ a splint on her finger, for the last six weeks. I was elected by popular vote of ONE to do dishes, help in the kitchen and wash certain areas of her anatomy that couldn’t be reached with her right hand.

Well the Doc says all is lookin’ good and now she just wears the splint at night. So….. I’m breakin’ her back into her duites slow…ly. We haven’t been doin’ too much, just waitin’ on her to mend.

The cold has finally left and we’re runnin’ a little on the warm side now. Just can’t please old retired folks. The grass is still brown but that should change somewhat after the ‘Frog Strangler’ we had this morning, at least I don’t have to get the tractor out and mow.

We stopped to see our neighbors around the corner, Richard and Betty last week, as we’ve been tryin’ to get together for weeks, but ya’ll know with the Holidays and such how that can go. I worked with Richard for a few years before I became retard’ and last year he joined the club. Betty told us about all they had done since our last visit, nearly a year ago and we told ‘our side o’ the story’. We chatted on fer’ hours and they told us they had been goin’ down to the local women's club on Thursday night to listen to some fellers playin’ music and said we should check it out. Some of the fellas’ Richard went to school with and one is an old acquaintance of mine from my workin’ days. This particular fella always seemed to be a wonderful, quiet, laid back kind of guy, kind a like yours truly. I have been thinkin’ about him off and on for the past 5 years since I left my job. He still is in business and I just haven’t taken the time to phone and say, “Lets have coffee and chew the fat”. That’s my fault. But now I get to sneak in while he’s playin’ music and surprise him, too sweet. Turns out one of the other fellas in the band Richard went to school with, I know as he used to be my counterpart at the County School Board and we saw him just prior to Christmas.

So last night we ambled on down to the local women's club to see what they sounded like and see some old acquaintances'. The band sounded great, fer’ a bunch of ‘Old Farts’. They play mostly older country with a little Gospel thrown in. The event is free and they ask if you can donate to support them payin’ the rent for the hall great , if not that’s OK too. They also have some refreshments and cookies to nibble on, again on a donation basis.


Well I kept a waitin’ to see if they were gonna break or if I’d have to wait till the show was over to say my ‘Howdy’ to my friend. When they finally took a break and he came down off the stage he started makin’ the rounds sayin’ Hello and thankin’ folks fer comin’. I got up to say my ‘Hello’ but he was “workin’ the crowd’ until he sat down in my seat to talk to the folks seated next to me. I just had to interrupt now! I said, “Excuse me Sir , but I think your in my seat” boy was he surprised to see me when he turned around. We shook hands, hugged and promised to get together and have some coffee and tell some lies. It was great to see him again. 

After the show we helped pick up and then we moved to the parkin’ lot with Richard & Betty to chat some more. I finally said we need to go, or we’d be standin’ in this parkin’ lot the rest of the night, so we said our goodbyes. And… Richard & Betty, We can walk thru the pasture between us, so let’s get together more often.

Got to remember to call and make a date fer’ Coffee!

Well that’s all fer’ now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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