Monday, April 26, 2010

Sneakin’ Up on that Yellow Line!

I’m gettin’ chores knocked out here at home. The weather has been holdin’ me back for the last few days, with rain and all. Tractors fixed, tomorrow's, ‘Truck Day’, Brakes, fuel filter, then change the oil, as long as the weather holds off. Then we ‘re havin’ friends over fer supper.

We packed a bunch o’ stuff in the Lance today, dry goods, canned goods and the like. Swapped out a one tier spice rack that I had put up before the Alaska trip with a two tiered one over the stove. Momma’s happier now that she can have more spices at hand.

Then we we’re off to Linda’s sister Joyce’s fer supper. We had been to their house Saturday so I could look at their ‘sick’ computer, but I couldn’t do anything with it so I brought it home to work on it. I was able to repair it and we returned it this evening and the meal was just a thank you. Never turn down the offer of a meal.

Boy did we get some weather last night. Rain musta’ been runnin’ sideways in all that wind. Our carpet on the back porch was wet 5 feet back and we have a 2 foot overhang. I awoke at 5:24AM this mornin’ to some really strange sounds of the wind. I would not let myself go back to sleep till I was sure it was not a twister I was hearin’. I guess it was just the wind doin’ it’s thing, sure had me spooked fer a while. he rain & lightning let up by mid mornin’ allowin’ me to get back to prepin’ fer our trip.

Only one day left to prepare, then it’s off fer the summer. I hope we don’t forget anything but I know we will, just too much to try and coordinate between two homes & two RV’s.

Oh well, got to go fer now. Next time you hear from me we’ll be headed down or up the road. Hope to see ya as we’re Dancin’ on the Wind.

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