Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh The Life of Stix & Brix, Grrr…..

We are safe? at home. Seems one of the Murphy family has taken up residence while we were gone. Everything we touch, seems to be jinxed.

During the first days home Linda went to do some laundry, the washin’ machine doesn’t seem to be fillin’ up all the way even though she has it set to the highest level. So she aint’ happy about haulin’ water in a bucket to fill it full, we could have done that along a river somewhere’s out in the ‘Shinin’ Mountains’, with a lot less stress. Same time I hear, “There’s somethin’ wrong with my stove too, cause it just clicked off”! Great, now I know why I enjoy homeownership. The stove is one o’ them flat top ‘computerized’ deals, that has brain farts, only there’s different kind o’ electrons involved. Last time we had a problem, the oven came on by it’s lonesome and wouldn’t shut off, I had to keep shutin’ the circuit breaker off & on every time we wanted to use the stovetop, which weren’t to safe. Tech support lady said, “It’s probably something wrong with the brain, but don’t worry when it get to 860 degrees it’ll shut itself off”. OK, ‘Oh highly trained technician person’, “What’s going to shut it down if the brain’s not workin”? Just give me a number to call when my new house is on fire, cause I’m callin’ that # before I call the Fire Department!!! We got the stove fixed, no charge.

Today I ‘m gonna go around the property and clean-up branches, palm fronds, dig up some large weeds and such so I get my lawn tractor and go to get the utility trailer that I haul behind her. I check the oil in the tractor and it’s low, so I’ll go get some. But first as long as I’m puttin’ new oil in I might as well change the oil. So while I run down the road to the Ace store fer’ oil, I’ll let the oil drain out, right. Not happenin’! The plug is in tight, so as I put some pressure on the wrench, instead of the pipe plug comin’ out, the short pipe nipple from the drain twists and tears and starts to leak. Grrr….. Not what I had in mind, but that dang Murphy, Grr… I’d strangle ‘em if I could find ‘em. So now it’s a matter o’ takin’ the mower deck off, then pullin’ the motor off so I can get to the drain and get the broken piece of pipe out to replace it, Grr…. Why can’t anything be easy!

Well my blood pressure has come down a little and I’m just lettin’ the tractor sit fer’ the moment. The stove has not acted up again, so I’m prayin’ that it was a ‘Brain Fart’ in the computer. Can’t get a straight answer on weather the washer is fillin’ like it’s supposed to or not.

But I’ve got lot’s more stuff to do around here. I have to pull wire and hookup two new RV spots I created as well as get the water connected. Have to go to Lowe’s and exchange the #8 wire I bought fer’ some #6 fer’ that job. Got lots o’ work to do on the 5v’er that’s been sittin’. Lots o’ little things around the house that I been neglectin’ so I can stay busy from now till I drop tryin’ to catch up.

On another note, this ‘Blog is growin’ everyday and I appreciate all of you who stop by to read a little. Anytime you need to know more or want to comment on anything, feel free. If you’d like to become a ‘Follower’, that would be fine. If’n you’d rather correspond private like, there’s a email link right under the ‘Followers’ Section Labeled ‘Contact Us’. Yesterday I had 25 views, today we surpassed that with 30 views. People from all over! I find it excitin’ and I hope I can keep it entertainin’ fer’ all who read.

Again “Thanks So Much” fer’ all who take the time to check us out.

Well I think I’ll go fer’ now and see if’n I can break somethin’ else. Hope it aint on me, I don’t seem ta’ heal as fast as I use too. As always we hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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