Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some overdue Postin’

Since we’re settin’ home fer’ a spell I thought I’d tell ya’ a little about somewhere we visited in October. The Mrs. was supposed to write this entry but I can’t seem to motivate her in that direction so I’ll have to do the tellin’.

When we were on our way south we strayed a bit from our intended trail to swing over to ‘Mayberry’. Passport America has a park there, $15 a night, full hookup including cable and WiFi, pretty sweet deal. Anywho, when we checked in we found out this was the ancestral home and farm of the famous Siamese twins Chang & Eng Bunker made famous by P.T. Barnum. The farm was a tobacco plantation of some 2000 acres and the campground lies on most of it today. The campground has 83 full hookups and is a work in progress since they’re addin’ more sites all the time. As I mentioned in our September 30th post tours of their ancestral home were given on the weekend and since this was Thursday, Linda was disappointed she was not going to get to see it. We discussed staying, but we had to be in the Raleigh area cause friends were expectin’ us. When we stopped in the office the next mornin’ to compliment them on their campground, Linda told them she was sad that we weren’t here on the weekend to get a tour of the house. Well it turned out Ms Ruby Bunker, great grand daughter of one of the twins, I can’t recall which, was pullin’ up outside. She was glad to give Linda a private tour of the house and I tagged along, cause I was told to.

Here’s a picture of the house.


A portion of the campground from the yard.


No one lives in the house now but Ms. Ruby grew up here as a girl and her mother lived here till she died. They still maintain the home and it is immaculate, Ms. Ruby cleans regularly. Here’s Ms. Ruby and yours truly just inside the kitchen door.


Eng & Chang donated a portion of their land for this local church and are buried in the cemetery on the church grounds.



I put together a little slide show of some more pics of the house and some from ‘Downtown Mayberry’ that we visited the following day.

A Trip Back in Time

I hope Ya’ll enjoyed our little trip back in time, cause we did. It’s so great to travel this wonderful country, explorin’ the ordinary and the not so ordinary sites & places off the beaten path.

Since we seem to be home fer’ a spell, I hope to be postin’ at least once a week. I try not to make the content here to mundane and keep it on track with travelin’.

On another note I’d like to thank all the new ‘Follower’s for signin’ on, I’ll try to keep it interestin’.

Linda, Amy, Dan, Bonnie, Judy & John, Wayne & Maureen, Ashley, Danny & Shula, Andrea & the Cruzin2some.

Your readership has helped to popularize this here pet project of mine & I am grateful. You may notice in the sidebar we now have a link where you can subscribe to the blog. I’ve also posted a ‘States Visited’ map and Linda & I both have ‘Facebook’ pages. So if ya’ want to stop by to say ‘Hey’ or post somethin’ on our ‘Wall’, feel free. I think I may incorporate both pages into an RV Anytimers group page after I figure this ‘Facebook’ stuff out a little better.

Well that’s all fer’ this post, my brains havin’ a senior moment so I’ll sign off. As always, and I mean this more than ever, Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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Wayne and Maureen said...

love the pics and history lesson.
Be safe at home and get back on the road!