Friday, March 21, 2008

Chompin' At The Bit

Well we haven't been doin' to much with the relatives here visitin', can't get out on the road. If we don't get a goin' somewhere soon I'm considering callin' this blog RV no-timers. I'm startin' to get a minor case of "Hitch Itch" and I can't seem to shake it, even though I know our wings won't be clipped for much longer. In April we are goin' up to do some much needed maintenance on our place in North Carolina. We have had a home in the Smoky Mountains for nigh on 22 years. It used to be our vacation destination for years but now that we can travel anytime there's a lot more to see out there. We purchased it as a vacation rental and it has done us well over the years, even considered retirin' there, doin' six months there, six months here. I think we'll take the "Lance" with us and maybe do some explorin' up on the Blue Ridge Highway, and there's a Forest Service camp called Standing Indian I always wanted to try.

Well we now have two pigs in the pen, the black & white one (that I call Domino)I posted earlier and this red one.
Ever since the red one went in the pen there has been a bigger black one hangin' around every night at the pen. The boys moved the game camera out there and been getin' pics of her nightly. I guess she must be the red ones mother or maybe we broke up thier MahJong group. The two in the pen and the black one that visits nightly are all "Sows". The other night we had a new visitor, a small black and white "boar", that the boys would like to catch so's they can have little piggys. This is a new pig that we have not seen in the three weeks that they have had the game camera set up, so they were excited. Stopped to see my neighbor, and old cohort from work, the other day for a visit. Seems he's also trappin' him some hogs and got four in the trap in one night, two small "sows", a small "boar" and the black "sow" we're seein' every night. The black one got out of the cage somehow before he had a chance to remove any of them, so she's trap shy for sure now. She must have figured how to open the door and squeeze out, or she just belonged to a magician at one time and it rubbed off. He also caught another small "boar" so he has 2&2 now, gettin' to be a regular pig farmer.

Here are some pics from the game camera.

This is the black one that's comin' round to visit every night.

This one weve only seen once and we'd like to catch it cause we think it's a "boar"

Before I let ya go I'd like ya'll to say a little somethin' to the man upstairs, cause we have a close friend in the hospital with heart trouble. Barb & Noel are our friends from Wiconsin, and where here visiting just last week. Seems she was having shortness of breath and is in the hospital in St. Cloud, FL. Hope to sneak over there and see her come Saturday.

All fer now.

See ya down the road as we're 'Dancin on the Wind'

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