Friday, April 18, 2008

Any Day Now

Well it's been nigh on a month since I've givin' ya'll some word on our doin's. Just the regular life of a Stix & Brix homeowner - yech. Nothin' excitin' to be writin' about lately an I didn't want to bore anybody.

We have been sittin' on go for the trip to the mountains for a week, fridge is packed along with all our possibles. Just waitin' fer word from an insurance company on a friends homeowners policy. See we got involved in getting an eldely friend of ours some new insurance for her homestead. She was payin' way to much with the company she was with an they were dropin' her when the policy ran out. Her agent told her she could get her insurance with the state's company, Citizens. Might as well get a quote from Lloyds of London while yer at it too, they are the highest company in the state. So we line her up an take her to our agent, get a really good price, excellent coverage, pay the premium and were good, we thought. She recieved the policy in days , then she recieved a cancellation notice, her home is more than forty years old and needs a home inspection. OK so we get the inspection and wait. Well there's another snaffu that we straighten out, so we wait. Now we've been leavin' fer a week and were waitin'. Yesterday late we get the word, the insurance is reinstated, yeah. Along with this Linda's been havin' some minor glitches with her blood work and been goin' back to get drained every other day, so's they can spin some more round in their little test tubes. Yesterday she's got a sore throat, wouldn't be from hangin' with all those folks at the doctors, naa. Last night she's got chills so bad she's shiverin', this is a gal that lives on the edge of a thermo-nuclear HOT FLASH! So I feed her some chicken soup fer dinner and cover her up, all curlled in front of the TV. After several bouts with the sandman, she's up at 10:30PM to tell me she feels alright. Well I been waitin' this long I'm waitin' till I'm sure she don't need to go back to the doc' before we head out. This mornin' she's up before me on her way back to the doc'. Seems her sore throat was back and kept her awake most o' the night. When she returns she's shiverin' again, so we go back to the "Couch & TV" therapy. She's feelin' better but I'm still of a mind to wait to see if she's really shakin' it. So maybe tommorrow or Sunday we'll be on the road.

We haven't posted a 'Safari Update' lately cause things were kind a slow, till the other day. Since my last update we caught a sow with her two young piglets, probably six-eight weeks old. Then we caught a small black sow, she looked kind a plumb if you catch my drift. Well time went on and we about convinced ourselves that she was not in a family way like we first thought. The other morn' we found that we'd more than doubled our population overnight, from 6 to 13 pigs. Got a regular farm goin'. She had 8 new piggy babies but one was stilborn, so we have 7 little ones. There so cute when there this small.

They're just hours old here.

Well if we get on the road I'll post again. We're headin' to Osceola National Forest for our first nights stay and then on to Macon, GA for a special treat, before we head north again. No need in rushin' up the road to North Carolina, I been waitin' this long. Till next time.

See ya down the road as we're 'Dancin on the Wind'

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