Thursday, May 8, 2008

Travel Day Towards Home

Got most of what work we had planned, done at the Smoky Mountain homestead and it's time to head towards home. Some of the jobs we had planned to do got postponed to a later trip so's we can accomplish them in less time and more efficiently. We are going to repaint the shed and the block foundation next trip so we will bring my sprayer from home, which will make much better work o' the job. Okay, got an early start around 9:30AM on the road. We had decided to take a new route towards FL, cause we want to see some new country, travelin' the same path starts makin' a fella seem like your backtrail's out in front of ya. So it was up US 64 to Highlands, then down 28 into the Peach State and then on to South Carolina. They's got some mighty purrty waterfalls along that route.

Here's Linda at 'Bridal Veil Falls' 120 feet high

Stopped for lunch at Stump House Tunnel & Issaqueena Falls in SC. The falls were a nice cascading waterfall where you walk about a hundred yards to an overlook, easy walkin'. The tunnel was awesome", built in the mid 19th century for the Blue Ridge Railroad which was hoping to connect Charleston, SC to Cincinatti, OH. The mountain proved to be to much for those drilling and blasting the tunnel. Seems the granite in the mountain was so hard the 1600 miners could only make 200' of progress a month, working 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week. The mountain defeated the railroaders and the Blue Ridge Railroad was never to be.

The tunnel entrance

Inside the tunnel

We contiunued south on 28 and stopped for the night at a most beautiful SC state park, Calhoun Falls. This park is located on Lake Russell, has 86 sites in two loops and a separate tenting area. Most sites are waterfront, all are paved pads with sand patio areas , some terraced. There is good separation of sites and plenty of privacy. All in all this campground has seen some excellent planning prior to construction and extensively uses plastic lumber and timbers in the site amenities.

Here's what our site looks like #64

One of the "Top 10 Campsites"

Well it's time for a campfire so I'll sign off for now. I'll include some more pictures of Calhoun Falls next post.

Hope to see ya down the road as we're "Dancin' on the Wind"

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