Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trip to Orlando

Well we set out yesterday for Orlando. This is Memorial Day weekend and the traditional weekend of the Florida Clogging Council State Convention. The venue this year is bein' held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds as it was last year. We used to come here every year for convention, then we changed to the Kissimmee Civic Center, but there were too many issues there. They had issues with young mothers bringing strollers, right I'm gonna hold my infant while I'm doing Cloggin' routines all day. There were other issues and some of their rules were just ridiculous.

We started the weekend out by helping with the setup on Friday. Then Linda demonstrated for Margaret, our Coordinating Instructor while she taught a routine for a class. Since I'm not dancin' anymore, I worked at the door, checking in folks who pre-registered for classes. I was also tryin' to snap some shots of all the folks havin' a good time.

See Friday starts out with two or three 'teaches', intermixed with song requests for dancin', with some fun thrown in too. This year we had a Sock Hop on Friday, so there were Hula Hoop, Twist and bubble blowin' contests for everyone. Then Saturday bright an early we had a Jazzercise class to get everyone limbered up at 8:15-9:00. Following that they do a short preview of all routines that will be taught during the morning hours till we break fer lunch. Routines are taught in two different classrooms at 45 minute intervals, thus 8 routines of varying skill levels in the morning. After lunch the same schedule applies until we break for Supper. After Supper there is a show where dancin' groups, clubs, organizations or what ever they call themselves, put on exhibitions. I seen this show go on until nigh on 11:00 at night. As I said our group, the Kickin' Country Cloggers, are not exhibitionin' this year, but Linda is dancin' a routine with all the instructors. This is sort of a surprise that Margaret sprung on all the instructors when they arrived and received their Instructors package, it should be interestin' at least, and I know it'll be fun. On Sunday we'll have a yearly election of officers and some breakfast then we will part company and head for Kissimmee to our friends house for the rest of the weekend.

Camping is available onsite here at the Fairgrounds, W&E with a dump station, but it's located on one of central Florida's beautiful lakes.

FCC camp 1

This is us parked next to friends at the Fairgrounds

FCC camp 2

This is a better shot of the lake that's just

visible in the center right of the previous pic.

Well I got to get back to the fun and festivities, so that's all I'll post for now.

Hope to see ya as were "Dancin' on the Wind"

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