Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Another Day

First I Like to say "Happy Fathers Day" to all the the fathers out there. I not sure I get this posted this morning with the doin's we got goin' today. Got to assist with makin' salads fer a shindig we're attendin' this afternoon. So if I don't get posted belated Happy Fathers Day then.

How right I was, sometimes things just have to take a back seat. As I was writin' that first paragraph our niece is comin thru the door for a visit. We haven't seen her and her 2 children in months as they live down south away's. We Talked with her and played with the kids for a while then took them out to see the new piggys. See last week we had a new litter of pigs again. These look like they have more domestic pig than the last ones, broader in the face and shorter snout. There still cute though.

Oreo's Kids

These are for you Amy

Sorry but they were runnin' around like little indians and this is the best shot I could get of all of them. They were runnin' around & around then they would push each other with they're snouts. It kinda looked like 'snout joustin'. I got a little video but can't seem to get it uploaded, but you know me, It aint got me beat yet.

After our visit it was time to get ready fer the shindig we're invited to today. It's a combination birthday/graduation party for Cassie's younger brother. Cassie's brother just graduated from the St. Augustine School for the Deaf and he's soon on his way to college out west. There was plenty of food and desserts and yours truly ate to much. They're Mom is from Honduras and there was plenty of ethnic foods to try, I just tried too much.

Not much time left in this day so I'll sign off fer now.

Maybe we'll see ya down the road as we're

 Dancin'on the Wind

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