Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bidin' My Time

Well it's just gettin' too hot outside fer a fella like me, 90's are the norm everyday. Even when the thermometer says it's upper 80's my body & my noggin says it's at least 90. Bout' the only thing gets done around here by me is to mow this two acres of grass when it needs it. Thank the man upstairs we haven't had the normal rains yet that cause the grass to grow like wildfire, requirin' bi-weekly mowin'. It's gettin' to expensive to run that mower around fer 6 hours to often. I tried adaptin' my Slow Down and save fuel policy to the mowin', but all it did is stretch out the time to Get 'er Done, and used more gas.

Was up early, fer me, this morning, 6:30, had my first cup 'o' Heart startin' COFFEE. Then commenced to takin' on washin' the truck, something that was needin' to be done. It's just so hot during the day, I  get the water on it and commence to washin'  while I'm watchin' the soap & water dryin' on it. Really makes fer some pretty lookin' windows, with all that white streaky stuff. Even at that hour I could only do a small section, like a fender, before it's time to rinse. Well at this slow pace it was takin' a while and about 2/3 'o' the way through, I didn't know who was leakin' more water, the Sponge or Me! I got 'er done, not the thorough washin' I like to do, but it's clean and don't have no Love bugs stuck on her. By then Linda was up an' wantin' to fix me some breakfast which sounded real good, 'cept fer the fact that I was hotter than a **#+##:!! I stood under a ceiling fan and cooled off some after removing my t-shirt, not a pretty site.

After a hearty breakfast of bacon & eggs, I decided I'd done my time in he_ _ for the day and went to workin' on the website. I got a lot more albums uploaded from our Alaska trip in '07, just a couple a more to go before I'm startin' on ID, MT, WY, SD, CO, NE, IA, IL, ID & then some. I been tweakin' the links all over the site and on the Blog so they always open in a new window. Nothin I hate worse than clickin' on a link, that leads to another link and findin' myself gone from the site I that had my interest in the first place. Besides that's no way to build traffic to your site, havin' 'em click away and be gone. I don't declare to be a web guru, and when it comes to HTML I'm teachin myself how to edit code as I go along. Some links I'm still fightin' with but I'm not about to let it beat me, I'll get it sooner or later. I got a neat little tool for the Blog last week called "Windows Live Writer" that lets me compose in the same format as Blogger. It has lots more features than Blogger itself as far as formatting. Now thanks to this program, all my links will open in a new window. I was havin' troubles composing off line, and then uploadin', everything would get screwy and I'd have to re-edit it online , took a lot of time. So if your needin' some new readin' or lookin' to view some breathtaking pictures, why not stop by the website an check it out fer' your own self. Dancin' on the Wind

Well my 'Wanderlust' is startin' to get to me, and the heat don't help, cause I know we have to travel a ways to find some cooler temps. It's not worth takin' any kind of trip within 3-400 miles cause we'll end up stayin' in the A/C of the camper, not my idea of fun. Well I'm just trying to bear it until we can say goodbye to this sandbar for the remainder of the summer.

Hope to see ya down the road, as were Dancin' on the Wind

PS. To our good friend & loyal fan, Amy, I'll post some new baby pictures next time.

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