Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gettin' closer to the Yellow Line

May have got some good news today. My other half has been havin' a time with her blood pressure medicine. For several years she's been takin' one medicine and it worked fine but it seemed to cause issues with elevated levels of potassium in her blood. So the Doc says take this instead, and that don't work at all, so lets try this and that works so good you hardly have any blood pressure at all, well we'll change it to this, and it works better than any of the others but the side effects are effectin' her. So he gives her somethin' else and this seems to be doin' the job. I guess that's why they say they're "Practicin' Medicine". So's if her lab work comes out alright next week we're plannin' on pullin' outa' here right after that.  I know she was gettin' frustrated and didn't feel on top of her game, but she at times said we're goin' anyhow, and I just bide my time and let her spout off. She knows we're not leavin' here, where  she has a doctor that knows her and she feels comfortable with, until all is right again. If we were on the road I would probably look at it differently, but seeins' how were not, we're stayin' put till I can get my girl feelin' good. We are to much allike and when I say she's my other half, she is. Almost daily one of us speaks up about some little thing that the other is thinkin' at that same moment, it's scary sometimes.

On another note I dented the budget a little by purcahsin' a new laptop. This Acer I'm usin' now is OK, but it has issues, for one the keyboard stinks, it just doesn't respond. I know it's 3 years old but come on, I thought them little feller's over there were supposed to be good at this electronic stuff. The other issue I have with it is that one of the hinges cracked about a year ago and you have to be careful with it. My previous laptop was an Acer too, as I've had several of their desktops before, and I had the same problem with the hinges, to the point it's useless anymore. So this new laptop is a Toshiba, always heard good things about them and haven't had it long enough to whine about it. It does have an issue that is common to all new laptops today, my Merlin air card won't plug in because it has an 'Express card' slot instead of a PCMCIA slot. There are adapters but so far none are compatible, or their not sure if it will work or not. So I'm not rollin' the dice to find out I spent $120 for a device that don't work with my card or my computer and I'm not givin' up the plan I have to change modems. I thought about returnin' the laptop for a refund, but I got too sweet a deal to give it back, right at $350 out the door. So I'm lookin at bidin' my time and waitin' till I can purchase a EVDO wireless router for a few bucks more. That way the card plugs in to the router and I use the wireless capabilities of either laptop, it's small and portable, so I can use it where ever we are. I can also enhance it by adding a cellular amplifier and antenna to boost our signal. Gosh more money! So for now I'll keep pluggin' away at this USB keyboard attached to the Acer laptop until I get the modem thing settled.  

A lady I been talkin' to at The Trailer Tales, who posts regularly and includes video in her posts, inspired me to give it a try. This little clip is from our trip to Alaska last summer. It was taken at the top of the Alyeska Resort. Now this aint my idea of fun, but these folks were sure enjoyin' "Walkin off the Mountain".


Have a great day and maybe we'll see ya as we're

Dancin' on the Wind.

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