Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Hitch can't get much itchier!!

Well we're still lookin' to pull on outta' here come next week. We're still plannin' on moseyin' up through the mountains of VA & WV fer a spell, hopin' to cool off. We have some paper work were waitin' on showin' up for us to sign, then it's "Adios de la Florida".

I'm just bidin' my time doin' some things to get this place ready for our absence, cuttin' limbs, puttin' up storm shutters, tyin' down the fifth wheel, gettin' both the truck and the 'Lance' ready and gettin' all our possibles ready to pack for the trip. Our son will be here but I still like to have the place 'Storm Ready' as much as possible before I leave. Never can be too ready durin' hurricane season.

I had been workin' on our road and Linda and I paid a visit to the county in that regard. Haven't seen anything develop from that little meeting, but the wheels of progress turn slowly sometimes when you deal with government. I should know, I was one who turned the wheel for many a year for a municipality. I figure I hauled about 50,000 lbs of material in our dump trailer in the last couple a weeks and improved about 250 feet of the road in front of our place, still have a might to do to say, "It's done in front of our house". It's just too... hot to be shovelin' & rakin' out there hours to unload & level that trailer load of material. I'll get back on it when I get back and the weather is a mite cooler. I hope to get about 3-400 feet more done then and the road will be 500% better than before.

It's amazing, one of the reasons I started this project was I was sick of people ringin' our doorbell, at whatever time of day or night, wantin' me to pull them out, cause they're stuck. None of them live here, it was just a fun place to tear up the road. After the rain it was like a magnet for the 'mudders' and those who thought they were 'mudders'. Now that the worst of the road is a hard surface the traffic has all but stopped. I guess I ruined their fun, and I know it's fun cause I done it too, but it was really old when the US Post Office stopped deliverin' mail cause the road was "unsafe" & and our friends couldn't come to visit when the road was torn up.

The material I put down is "washout" from a concrete company. Seems they can't washout their trucks on the job anymore so they do it back at the yard. They have a series of tanks they washout in and progressively move from one tank to the next as the material dries. This works so well that we've decided to put in a pad for our RV's next winter. Oh boy I'm already plannin' chores for the winter.

Well I'll get back to ya in a couple a days if I can.

See ya down the road As were Dancin' on the Wind

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