Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trudgin’ threw the Chores !

Been a while since I done any bloggin’, cause we been like a ‘One arm paper hanger’ gettin the ole Homestead in order. Lots and lots ‘o’ things to do.

Well lets see if I can bring ya up to date. We got home and spent the next two days cleanin’ house, cause the plane fact it needed it and Cousin Bonnie & Scott were comin’ to visit. They came on a Thursday, got here just before noon so we had lunch, visited all day had supper and visited some more before they headed back to Ft. Lauderdale, where they were stayin’. We had a great time visitiin’ with them on our ‘home turf’ for a change. Thanks fer comin’, Love you guys. I sent Scott home with 8 graphic audio books that Linda and I have enjoyed listening to back and forth across the country. Scott is somewhat of a western fan, like me and drives over the road so I thought these would entertain him while he travels.

Once we were alone again it was time to tackle the hay field. For the next week or so we cut and raked, trimmed trees so’s I could get under them with the mower or weed eater. After the first mowin’ the cuttin’s were so thick I had to rake, as the mowers kept boggin’ down and wasn’t cuttin’. Then I washed the truck camper and spent two days washing the 5ver, it was green from dirt and mold. Now I have to figure what comes next for the 5ver, some of the graphic stripes are peelin’ and need to be removed, the bedroom slide needs worked on, I have two areas of delamination to repair, moldings to replace, chaulking to change and it needs waxed.

Oh yeah we came home to find our daughter in the hospital and after a week they decided to remove her Gall Bladder. Then she came home to Mom & Dad to recuperate for two weeks.

This weekend was Ashley, our grand daughter’s 14th birthday and she wanted to have a party here. Oh Boy, More Fun! The party went well. Hamburgers, potato, macaroni salads, baked beans, cake and ice cream. We had a bonfire in the back acre and I think that might have been the driving force behind wantin’ to party here. There was teenagers everywhere, in & out and in & out, etc. I think Ashley had a good time as well as the other ‘kids’.

Today is Sunday and everything is quiet, everyone has gone home and Linda & I are once again by ourselves, her at one computer, me at another. It’s so quiet, it’s wonderful. I guess we really do enjoy each others company, that’s what enables us to survive in a truck camper for 3-5 months without killin’ one another.

Linda & I talked alot about sellin’ this house while we were gone these past months, prayin’ that this slump will pick back up like the stock market has, but it doesn’t look like it.  I spoke with a friend about maybe puttin’ our house up for sale but was advised that unless we were willing to take a rock bottom price for it we should wait. Hearin’ that I guess we’ll wait. Buildin’ this house was my dream, gettin’ away from suburbia and cookie cutter housing. I always said that it would be a big part of our retirement and we had always planned on selling it, but I have a lot of ‘blood, sweat & tears’ in this construction and I aint’ given’ it away!!!  So here we are, traveling when we want or as family and visiting friends allow us to. Both of us want to be rid of the ties of this house and property, but that will have to wait for now. I never thought I would have any problem selling this property for a good profit, but all that has changed for now. Our old house we sold for over $200K, four years ago. Houses in that neighborhood are sellin’ fer $32-50K. New homes that sold locally in ‘05 at $550K are now at $189K. So we wait, no need in gettin’ in a hurry now.

I think today will be a lazy day and we’ll just relax before we start to clean house again and get ready for the next visitors from Canada for Thanksgiving.

Well I got to go do some more chores and get my mind wrapped around somethin’ else fer’ now. Be seeing ya soon.

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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