Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Packin’ em in at the Rancho!

We returned from the Three Lakes camping area on Monday cause Linda had blood work scheduled for Tuesday and her Aunt & Uncle were comin’ this week. When we arrived home I unpacked the camper then parked it around back and unloaded it so’s she could have the truck the next day to go to her Dr’s appointment. Seems we had a phone message when we got home regardin’ her winnin’ a prize for enterin’ somethin’. We had to drive to Cocoa Beach to pick up her prize on Tuesday evenin’. She was excited about winnin’ a 2010 Ford Explorer, a flat screen TV, round trip airfare for two from any major domestic hub, or a vacation certificate. It wasn’t a Timeshare presentation it was a Vacation Club for $10 GRAND, sheesh! Guess what our prize was? You guessed it a vacation certificate, whether we’ll use it is yet to be determined. While we were engaged in Cocoa, Aunt Jessie & Uncle Don arrived at the rancho. We were not expectin’ them for a few more days, but the northern weather got them movin’ much sooner. Actually they were tryin’ to beat the next snowstorm comin’ in, Don said he already had six foot piles of snow all along his driveway. We sat up chattin’  and then called it a night.
Ellie & Jay arrived Thursday and Jay & Don commenced to ‘Jammin’, Don on the Mandolin and Jay on the Guitar. They took a little time to adjust to each others style,but were makin’ music in short order. Friday we took Jay & Ellie around and showed them the local sites. While we were out we stopped at local music store cause Jay needed a neck for his Mandolin, no luck. Then I remembered another store that was across town and as we were goin’ back by that way I stopped. The general consensus was we were wastin’ our time but guess what, they had premade necks and bone blanks. Jay chose the bone blank that he can make two necks from for half the price of the manufactured plastic necks.
Saturday Ellie, Jay, Linda & I took a ride down south away’s to look at a camp that someone had told them about. It is a nice place to camp with dump station, water fill, restrooms & hot showers all for a donation to keep the place goin’. The bathrooms aint much, but it’s like the ‘Ritz’ after stayin’ at Three Lakes. Maybe we’ll get a chance to try it out before we leave fer’ the summer, which is lookin’ more like we’ll be pullin’ out real early this year.
After we came back to civilization, we headed to Stuart cause Jay & Ellie’s son, Ronnie, was at a car show there. Ronnie lives in NC, but helps a man in Stuart and thats why he was here at the show. We met up with him at the warehouse the man stores his cars at and carried him and a friend back to the beach to pick up two more cars at the show.
Linda & Ellie in a 1895 Duryea replica
After droppin’ the boys off and sayin’ our goodbyes we started headin fer home. Along the way we had decided to stop at CiCi’s Pizza for some late lunch. There were more people than I’d ever seen there before for some reason. Well…. seems they were celebratin’ their 50th Anniversary and the ‘All ya can eat buffet’ was only $3.99.!!! I can definitely put a dent in their menu fer that kind a dinero. We all ate more that we shoulda’ and waddled out to the truck to head home. Jay & Don did some more playin’ and singin’, which we all joined in, even though some folks that shall remain unnamed, could have used a bucket in each hand.
Sunday was a lazy day and we just relaxed, the ‘Boys’ played some and we just enjoyed each others company.
Gettin’ ready to pull out
We must’a done somethin’ right cause Jay & Ellie were just gonna stay fer 2 nights and didn’t leave till Tuesday. We had a wonderful time with them and can’t wait to see um again soon.
Until we do, “Vaya Con Dios” my friends & Travel safe along the trail.
Well that’s all fer today. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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