Saturday, February 27, 2010

RV-Anytimers Goin’ Mobile!

Well we’re not really goin’ anywhere just yet, but we have a sweet new toy. I just invested in a 3G wireless router for our Sprint aircard giving us our own ‘Mobile HotSpot’. Now we can sit outside and enjoy all the splendor that ‘The Boss’ has given us while we make a new entry in the Blog, surf the web or update the website.
The Cyfre 3G Mobile Router

I’ve been biddin’ on these on Ebay for a while and I always seem to lose by a few dollars, last one I lost by 50 cents, frustratin! I could have bought a used one fer $65, but I let it slide. This one is new and I had to give $107 for it but at $199 retail I feel like I did alright.
It was a breeze to set up. I hooked the router to a laptop via ethernet cable, plugged in the aircard and powered up the router. I was online instantly, surfin’ away. Then I pulled the ethernet cable and installed the software for my security and we’re a ‘Mobile Hotspot’. I’ve only used it in the house so far, so I need to take it out to the Lance and hook up the antenna and see if it gets better. We’re on a slight fringe area here at the house and I’m even on the second floor, but it’s workin’ fine. I know the antenna will improve things even more.
The reason I settled on this router was cause it is universally compatible with any 3G/4G device. It can accommodate any providers PCMCIA card or Express card or a USB modem, so if we switch technology or service providers we’re still set for as long as the router functions.
Now that I’ve got that out, if you haven’t visited the Website lately you need to check it out at Dancin’ on the Wind and see the changes that have occurred. I’m still tweakin’ but I like it a lot better than the ‘White Bread’, ‘Plain Jane’ pages you used to have to look at, I think it has ‘Character’! More improvements are in the works.
Speakin’ ‘o’ wind, I’m runnin’ low on it about now so I’ll say Adios for now. But we always hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

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