Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peter Piper & Organ Grinders?

The girls, Linda, Bonnie & Sandy went out the other day to get some hot peppers to stuff. Today was the day the ‘stuffin’ commenced. They cut off the tops, gutted ‘em and stuffed ‘em with sauerkraut. I haven’t had to chance to try ‘em, but I hear there Um Um good!
Here they are a stuffin’ away. 
The end product.
The stuffed peppers are now pickled and waitin’ to cure till we can try ‘em. The followin’ day we stuffed some with Italian sausage fer supper. Pretty darn good. I’d like to try some with regular bulk breakfast sausage as stuffin’.
The other afternoon we moseyed on down to Franklin to the park for the 2010 Organ Grinders Rally. When we arrived in  Franklin around noon and there were only three or four organ grinders attendance but more came within 30 minutes. The styles and types varied greatly although all were hand cranked and quite portable.
There were ‘Pipe type” organs.
‘REED type’ organs.
Those that were homemade and those that were handmade. Built from a kit and built from scratch, all quite interesting. The music kinda’ reminded me of a Carousel Calliope and brought back some childhood memories. All of the ‘Organ Grinders’ were very proud and more than willin’ to provide information on their particular organ. They’d show you all the inner workings and how each piece played it’s part in the creation of the music. It was quits entertaining.
Below you will find Wally Venable, who I’d like to call ‘Professor Wally’. Wally is a member of the COAA, Carousel Organ Association of America. Both Wally & his wife play organs at rallies. More info on Wally and his ‘Monkey Organ’ can be found at the Mechanical Music page on his website.
And finally “Here’s a monkey we all know, accompanied by Janice Kast, grindin’ out her own music”!

Well that’s all fer’ now. We’re fixin’ to head on up to NY to visit with our best friends from home and spend a few days together. I’ll let ya’ know what’s happenin’ there in few days. As always hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

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