Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sanbourne Grange Picnic 2010

We are at our second Sanbourne Grange Picnic with Bud & Linda’s families. They have been attending this for many, many years. So far the Family turnout has exceeded last year I believe. The picnic is the big event for the year, held the last Saturday of August each year & anyone is invited. They serve a dinner at 1PM Saturday And you can eat inside the Grange Hall or out a one of the pavillions. After dinner there’s bingo, games fer’ the youngin’s and music. They also serve hot dogs & hamburgers for those who would rather instead of dinner.
Here we are early Friday afternoon.
By Saturday the circle was growing larger.
Here’s the other side of the circle.
Linda snapped some pics of the ‘Kitchen Crew’
Some more of the ladies that did all the cookin’.
Ready to serve.
Folks was linin’ up ready to eat.
Thanks to all the ladies who do all the cookin’ for these doin’s every year. The dinner consisted of Roast turkey, stuffin’, Mashed potatoes, green beans, noodles, gravy, rolls, cranberry, cole slaw and pie.
100_8413This is a samplin’ from the pie table. 
Here’s some Happy customers.
Well we all had a delicious meal and after some went back to sit and visit while their meal settled, while others played bingo. The two Linda's played bingo and won quite a few times. My Linda won a t-shirt for our grandson, now he has a souvenir of the Sanbourne Grange Picnic. We also gave a few prizes to other folks, one in particular a little girl who was admiring a small trinket box with a butterfly on it and Linda gave it to her from her just won game. We also gave Bud & Linda’s niece a pool for her grand youngin’s. Being in a truck camper we don’t have room for much of anything and we really haven’t any want for anything.
After the Bingo we returned to the camp and got the fire going cause it was time to make “Mountain Pies’. We had pizza, and all kind o’ fruit pies too. We even had makin’s fer’ Smores but forgot all about them. Then we sat around the fire as folks started to drift on towards home as some had travelled from NY and had to return home.
Additional pictures of the picnic can be viewed here.
Well the picnic is over for another year so we’ll say  “Goodbye for now”. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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