Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Whirlwind of Fun

Been a few days since I dun any postin’ on this blog. We’ve been camped at a close friend’s house for the last four days. Someone who has had more than her share of heartaches in the recent past and needed a boost of fun from a couple of certified crazies. It’s nice, this retirement thing that allows us to be flexible in our life. We can go to assist a friend or relative who maybe on the mend, or maybe just needs to get out, blow the cobwebs off and grab a hold of life as it’s wizzin’ us along.

The last couple a days been a whirlwind of Fun, Fun, Fun. That girl sure can get movin’ when she gets ‘er cranked up. Been to three Disney parks in as many days and we are pooped.

Left for home this morning after a few stops for shoppin. Not much buyin’ thank goodness, but lots a lookin’. After runnin’ down one of the little black roads a ways we stopped for lunch along another lake we fished years ago. Joe Overstreet boat ramp on Lake Kissimmee used to be a small place where you were lucky if you could find a place to park your boat trailer after launching. It’s now grown up to have two ramps, two long floating docks, restrooms and a campground with water & electric sites. We stopped along the lake shore and had our lunch. Then it was off for a stroll to explore the area.

We came to find out that the campground is run by Debbie Middleton and her husband and they also give airboat tours on the lake. Debbie is the daughter of Joe Middleton who has operated Blue Cypress Lake Fish Camp for years. So after some chit-chat we were on our way again towards home.

After talking to Debbie, and seein’ as it was on our route home, we decided to stop at Blue Cypress Lake to see her Dad. We found him on the porch of the tackle shop lookin’ over the lake just like I would have found him twenty years ago. It was nice visitin’ and reminiscing and catchin’ up, but all things must come to an end so we left for home.

Now we’ve emptied the camper, turned off the fridge and all that’s left to do is dump and flush the tanks tomorrow. We stopped at Flyin’ J, like we normally do, before we got to the house, but their dump station was closed, go figure.

Maybe we’ll see ya down the road as we’re “Dancin’ on the Wind”.

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