Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Headin' Up the Road

This will be a short post tonite. We’re headed’ up to the panhandle of the “Sunshine State” in the mornin’. Off to check out some Natl. & State Forests campgrounds & maybe a State Park if we decide to. We don’t do state parks too often but this one claims to be in the “Florida Mountains”. We’ll see. I’ve been surprised before. When I saw a sign for “Florida Caverns State Park” years ago, I thought “Ya Right”! Flatlanders will do anything to pull in a tourist, probably got a Real Estate office across the street from it selling prime Swamp Land. Well I ate crow on that’un. They took us in a cavern that was quite impressive considerin’ this is a big sandbar we livin on.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

I think the cave tour is about 45 minutes and covers about a mile of cavern open to the public. An I didn’t see no Real Estate office anywhere in site.

Well the Lance is sittin’ on the Duramax and she’s all loaded for dry campin’. Don’t know if we’ll be doing any boondockin’ but we’ll be close. Livin’ in the East it’s a might tough to come by true boondockin’ spots, but if we find‘em we’ll tell you about it here. Boy how I yearn for the “High Lonesome” where finding a place to camp is just a matter of “Where do you want to pull off” most times. Ya’ll got Federal land of every description in every direction, ripe for explorin’ and we might just stay a while and camp so we get a good feel for the land.

Well I been jawin’ to long for a short post.

See ya down the road, as we’re Dancin’ on the Wind!

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