Friday, January 18, 2008

Lake Marion and Beyond

Well the weather broke yesterday and the rain held of most of the afternoon, so we got loaded and started on our trip. We travel the red roads, the little black ones and even some ones that aren’t on the map, cause we’re not in a hurry and we get to experience more along our way. The interstates are fine if you have to get somewhere in a hurry, I guess. I personally don’t want to travel just under the speed of sound, dodgin’ 18 wheelers to get to where I’m goin’.

We traveled to the little town of Keanansville, FL to find a small county park along Lake Marion. We hadn’t been there since we quit fishin’ bass tournaments. They had a half dozen campsites with W&E, boat ramps and a small store. Well there’s still boat ramps but everything else gone, hookups, and the fish camp/store building. The site is designed with the boat ramps in between two peninsulas of land strechin’ into the lake. There are lots of signs regarding the fish management regulations and one sign on the far side of the boat ramps that read “No Camping on this Side”. That side was originally intended for boat trailer parking I reckon, nothing on our side so we backed down to the lake and parked. They still had restrooms and several picnic tables.

Nice spot and the price can't be beat!

We took a quick stroll before dark and saw mostly aquatic birds, several Buzzards and then we spotted a Bald Eagle perched in the trees with the buzzards. What an unexpected surprise to see an eagle in all its majesty. Dinner was next and relaxin’ for the evening then off to bed.

Wood Stork I believe
Rosetta Spoonbill

Today’s breakfast came with that eagle flying by our campsite with his breakfast in his talons. Pulled ourselves together and headed for our destination. Along the way we stopped at one of our favorite places, Apps of St Cloud for a sub sandwich. After lunch we stopped at a flea market and saw a little circus that was performing for this weekend. Most of the performers were children ages 12, 10 & 8, they were terrific. Then it was off to our final destination with a brief stop at Wally World. Tomorrow we go play at one of the Disney parks.

Maybe we’ll see ya down the road as we’re “Dancin’ on the Wind”.

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