Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reunions & Weddings

Well we're back at Bonnie & Scott's house near Oil City, PA. Yesterday we went to the annual Bell Family Reunion on Linda's grandmother's side of the family. It was held at a local park as it was last year. I got to meet lots of the family for the first time and Linda got to rekindle old acquaintances with people she hasn't seen in 40 years. Everyone brought a dish, it was a great turnout, even if the rain tried to dampen the occasion. 



The immediate Bell Family, left to right- Charlie, Bill, Butch, Bob, Gert, Tom & George



After the reunion we drove to Oil City as one of Linda's cousins was getting married. We missed the ceremony, cause we had committed to the reunion before we left home, but we did make the reception before the Bride & Groom got there. They had a wonderful dinner, that I was to full to try. After everyone ate we slowly motivated to the dance floor, where we spent the majority of the evening. I think I lost 3 pounds out there, which I can definitely use.

Sunday, Linda, Ashley, Bonnie, Scott & myself, went to dinner at Diane & Denny's, another cousin. They served the meal Italian style, and we ate for a good two hours, till we were all as stuffed as ticks. The meal was delicious but there was way to much, they just said "Mangia, Mangia". We did have a great time visiting with Diane & Denny at their home, but we always enjoy their company. I don't think Ashley has ever experienced a meal like we had that night.




Yours truly, Bonnie, Scott, Linda, Denny & Diane




Monday thru Thursday Bonnie went camping with a friend and we was 'House Settin'. Tuesday we went out for Wings , with Diane & Denny, to a local place we've been before. Good meal, good company, great evening.

Well that's all the news from this end, exciting or not. Till the next time when we hope to see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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