Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road Runnin’

I don’t have much to report so this will be a short post. We been runnin’ back and forth up & down the road the last few days. We are still parked at Bonnie & Scott’s house in Seneca. We took the camper off the truck when we returned from NY, so we could run around easier and didn’t know if we would have parking troubles when we took Ashley to the airport.

We attended a birthday for a cousin Friday, she turned four. Lexy is Linda’s cousin Teresa’s youngest and they were visitin’ Don & Jessie, her mom & dad in Titusville, for an extended weekend. There were Burgers & dogs and people brought lots of other goodies. I tried something new called ‘Calico Beans’, wonderful taste. They seemed to be three kinds of beans with ground beef and and and a sweet smoky flavor. I told Linda to get the recipe, but I don’t think she did. Teresa’ sister made the cake after gettin’ off work at 3:30 Friday. She said came home said “Hi” to her Hubby “I got a cake to make before five”, and off she went. The cake turned out beautiful, Dora the Explorer.



Cheryl did a beautiful job decorating







Cheryl and her masterpiece





After the party it was back home for the night. Then Saturday we were back on the road to Franklin, for another birthday party. This time we had loaded the Lance back on the truck, cause we were having an overnight guest. Abby was turning seven and had toured the camper at the first family reunion and wanted to spend the night with us. She had a great birthday and stayed overnight with us. Linda had promised her they would cook breakfast in the morning and after the three of us ate we invited her Mom, Dad and brothers to eat as well. It was gettin’ pretty crowded in that camper with 4 adults, 2 children & a baby, but we managed.

Abby’s parents Ben & Kathy asked about the camper, how we accomplish everyday tasks such as laundry, mail & other things & travel in general. Who knows maybe someday they will have a camper of some type. After breakfast I rolled up our electric cord so we could get back on the road as we were going back to Bonnie’s for the night. Well we just talked and talked, then had lunch. We finally got on the road  to return around 2PM.

On the way to Seneca we were going to stop at cousin Diane’s to return some drill bits I had borrowed from Denny. We got a call from them and they were headed to one of their stores to address a problem. On approaching that store we decided to see if they were still there. As I slowed and swung in I said “Their not here”, not seein’ their car, then there was Denny with their Lance camper parked along the side of the store. Well after chewin’ the fat for a while, they picked up some Pizza’s and we went off to their house. We ate and talked until almost dark, then it was off to Bonnie’s for the night. We’ll see Denny & Diane on Wednesday, as their having a ‘Car Cruise’ at the Dairy Queen in Titusville and we’re all going campin’ next weekend.



The sun is setting as we’re leavin’ Diane  Denny’s




Monday we were on the road again to visit Don & Jessie for the week. We waited till Teresa and her large family were on their way home cause adding us to the mix, there isn’t enough room for everybody.

Well that’s quite a long winded post fer a fella that don’t have much to say. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re,

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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