Sunday, August 2, 2009

Visitin' Kinfolk & Such

Well we visited with Uncle Don and Jesse foe about six days. Didn't do anything too notable, just a lot o' visitin', eatin' & palaverin'. We did go to an auction one day, but we didn't have any desire or room for the tools & implements they were sellin'.

We did take Ashley to Drake Well Park, the site of the first oil well, but she wasn't interested in going to the museum. We also took a ride to Oil City to see the McClintock, the oldest still producing oil well in the world.




The McClintock Well





We then rode around while Linda showed Ashley the town as she remembered it as a girl. At a stop in front of Linda's Grandmothers house someone said we had a wire hanging down. Well I had been draggin' the harness for the truck camper for who knows how long around Oil City. I wound up havin' to splice two wires that I dragged right off, wrappin' another wire then rewrappin' the whole harness.I had started to drop the camper when we were in Titusville, then changed my mind and re-attached everything but the wire harness to the camper. All is back to normal again.

We had to leave Titusville for Seneca for Cousin Bonnie's to help prepare for the upcoming reunion.

We visited with Bonnie for a few days and then her husband Scott got home early one night. Scott is an over the road driver and has been working almost everyday for the last month, we were surprised to see him home a day or two early. Preparations for the party went well and we were ready for the guests before the scheduled hour.





Is it Saturday already?





Well people started to arrive and kept coming & coming. There was oodles of food, salads & desserts and I must say I wasn't the only one that sampled a little to much. So much that I was only able to try four different desserts. Now when it comes to desserts I could skip everything else and feed my sweet tooth. We had a better turnout than last year, Final head count, 76 family members. We also asked for donations for the next reunion and our request was received very well.




The crowd's gettin' thicker




I'll post a few pictures here and I'll put all the pictures on an online album for all to view at;

Until the next time. Hope to see ya down the road as we're

Dancin' on the Wind.

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