Monday, July 19, 2010

A Campin’ Weekend & Lots ‘O’ Catch Up!

This one’s fer ‘Bonnie, Amy, Linda & others that been wonderin’ what happened to us. We’ll we’re still alive & kickin’, back in PA at the ‘Big Red Barn’. We had a great time with Coleen and Wayne in Ontario, I guess I was too busy to write huh’. We spent 17 days with them and “Boy Was It HOT”!!!

We went to dinners, the Theater, Stock car races, Cloggin’ shows, lunches, more dinners, Port Dover for our annual Perch Feast. Thanks again Wayne & Coleen for a great time.

While we we’re in Ontario I think I figured out what was makin’ me sick. That special trip to the Springville Auction for XXXX sharp local cheese has been the culprit. When we were at our Nieces in NY, after I became ill, I wrote down everything I had eaten that day, thinkin‘ that maybe it was somethin’ along that line. That day Linda had made Fred & I a plate of cheese & crackers in the late afternoon, he ate one cracker, I ate the rest. After several days I was feelin’ better and Linda was makin’ lunch for us asked, “Do you want cheese on your sandwich”? I said just give me a piece on the side to eat. Bingo that evening I came down with the same symptoms, not quite as severe, and was able to walk off most of the painful effects but I still didn’t feel good the following day. Then it dawned on me that the cheese might the culprit. I looked back to the blog after my emergency room visit last year with this ailment and there it was “after a light lunch of cheese & crackers”. We had bought some cheese last year and I’d bet this was that same cheese. So “No More Cheese from the Springville auction” for this fella. I’ve been fine since I been staying away from it.

During the last of our stay in Ontario, Linda started noticing her vision in one eye was shadowed. We debated going to a doctor in Ontario but probably would have had to be referred to an Ophthalmologist by a general MD. Rather than pay for two doctors we decided to wait till we returned to the US and go to the specialist directly. Turns out she has a ‘bleed’ behind her left eye that they are going to try to stop with laser. Pray that everything comes out alright.

Since returning to PA it has been hot, hot, hot and our A/C decided to give up. I was able to make an appointment with an RV dealer above Erie on Wednesday to look at it. When it rains it pours.

This weekend we went camping with cousin Diane & Denny at the Tionesta Lake Outflow campground, where we usually get together with them. It was hot but we survived. We ate and talked and played cards and didn’t do much but enjoyed each others company.

Saturday afternoon cousin Bonnie came up and we all went to Grants store in East Hickory for ice cream. They make their own waffle cones and are they goo..od. Returning to camp we played some cards, then had a delicious dinner of steak sandwiches. Seems there’s no shortage of eatin’ when we go campin’ with the cousin’s.


Sunday was eatin’, visitin’, and eatin’ some more. We pulled out of camp at around 5PM Sunday, a little past checkout time, but they weren’t knockin’ the door down to get campin’ spots.

Now we’re parked back at the ‘Red Barn’ for a few days, till we get the next Dr. visit in and then go to North East, to see about our A/C.

Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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