Friday, July 23, 2010

Linda’s Surgery & Wakely RV

We went to Franklin to Linda’s eye doctor on Tuesday cause she was having her laser surgery on her eye today . We arrived before the appointed 3PM time slot and waited. They called her back around 4 and I stayed out in the waiting room and waited, and waited, and waited. I did have some excitement around 5:30 when a lady came in carrying an umbrella. I asked nonchalantly, “Is it raining”? “Yes she replied, it’s pouring”. Up I shot and out the door into the deluge cause someone just had to “Open these up so it’s not so hot in here”. What for?, nobody's in there, nobody’s going to be in there. Oh little did I know that I would be in the camper sometime during the afternoon while it sat in the parkin’ lot outside the Dr’s office. Truth is I wouldn’t have been in there, drying up everything inside, if we didn’t have to have all the windows and more importantly, the roof hatches open to cool the empty interior. Well the bed got a little wet but it was all on the top blanket and I just stripped it off the bed and draped it over the table to dry. The rest entered through the windows, all the windows. It must have been blowing quite a bit to accomplish that. So I spent about 30 minutes drying up everything else. Then I went back in to wait some more. Linda finally came out around 7:30 and we were out the door by 7:40. Her surgery went well we think. It may take some time for her vision to return. She has a check-up in three weeks and maybe hopefully we’ll know better at that time. Then we went out to the camper and guess what? The blanket that had gotten wet from the open roof hatch over our bed had dried in that warm camper.

We left and made some phone calls to let folks know she was alright, then grabbed a sub at Subway for dinner. Then it was home to Titusville cause we had a 9AM appointment at Wakley RV in North East, PA to get our A/C repaired and we don’t do mornings much anymore.

Wednesday we were up at 6:30, made coffee, unhooked, stopped at Micky D’s, then we were off to North East, which is actually in extreme NW Pennsylvania. Go figure!

We arrived a little early and was seen by the service department immediately. They had a serviceman out to us in about ten minutes. I explained to Dave, the service guy, what I found when I removed the cover and opened the electric make-up box on the A/C. There was a toasted motor start relay that was mounted on a start capacitor up there. I wasn’t sure if the capacitor was still good and that’s why I brought it to them. He told me what I described was a ‘Hard Start’ kit that is installed on the unit, and said he would start with that. In a few minutes he was at the back door asking me to try the A/C. I told him I didn’t have any electricity, and he said he already had the camper plugged in. Boy this guy is fast! So I turn the control and ‘Voila’, we have air conditioning. Yippee!!! Yeah!!!

We accompanied Dave to the cashier and were surprised that they only charged us for 1/2 hour labor plus the $29.90 for the ‘Hard Start’ kit. I thought that was great, so I ordered a kit to keep on hand as Dave told me that these ‘Hard Start’ kits usually last about 3 years. Ours was 3 years old in April.

We left feelin’ great ,to explore a little of the area. North East is located on the shores of Lake Erie and known for it’s Concord grapes and cherries. As it happens cherry season is over and grapes don’t come in till September. There are grape arbors everywhere and Welch’s has a big manufacturing plant here as well.

We headed towards Lake Erie which couldn’t be too far. soon we came to a small park on the lake.



The day was early and life on the lake shore was just getting underway. The Lifeguard was just moving to her station to guard the throngs of swimmers, LOL.


I kept tellin’ Linda, “We aint’ in Daytona Beach anymore”! 100_8177

I wouldn’t want to have to rely on this for a swim.


This is some Nas…ty Water.

We left the shoreside park and headed south to the city of Erie. We had an ulterior motive cause there’s a CiCi’s Pizza in Erie and we were lookin’ to graze there for lunch. It was still early so we drove around the downtown waterfront lookin’ things over. Linda lived here for a short period one winter. Said it was the windiest place she’d ever been. They had ropes strung along the sidewalks so you could hold on as you tried to make progress against ‘Mother Nature’. Didn’t stop anyplace in particular till we found a small park on the inlet that goes out into the lake. The park is across from Presque Isle Park, where we visited several years ago. The public park lies in front of Lampe Marina & Campground and has a pier to fish from. We walked the pier talking to the fisherman waitin’ for lunchtime to draw nearer.



This is the Admiral Perry monument at Presque Isle State Park. I really zoomed in to get this cause it it’s a way’s across the bay.

When the hour finally got late enough to eat lunch we headed to CiCi’s Pizza. This CiCI’s is only about a year old but has instituted some changes that weren’t too popular with us. You can’t make your own salad anymore, they have it premade for you and it aint’ our cup o’ tea. The salad thing kinda’ turned us soured us on the whole dining experience. It wasn’t our usual fine dining at CICI’s.

Well that’s all the news that’s fit to print for now. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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