Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day

Canadian Flag

Hi! Finally I’m feelin’ better and the only ailment I have, just some strained muscles in my back, my brain still thinks we can do things that my body knows we can't. Course the body don't speak up till days after all the minds deeds are done and well over. One day I'll learn.

Anyhoo.., yesterday was ‘Canada Day’, the Canadian equivalent to ‘Independence Day’ and we took a ride to Sauble Beach. Sauble Beach is on the shores of Lake Huron on the ‘Bruce Peninsula’. They claim the to have prettiest beach in all Ontario, I like Erie beach better. The ride from Brantford was 3 hours, a long time to spend sittin’ lookin’ at all the beautiful farm land, lots of corn & oats & hay.

When we finally arrived at Sauble Beach we parked the car and started our walk to the beach. Only a couple of blocks and I think everyone enjoyed the walk after bein’ cooped up in the car for so long. We finally made the beach.

100_8101  We walked down the street adjacent to the beach then crossed over and walked down the beach. You can park on the beach, although I saw three different rates ($$$).


Parkin’ on the Beach.

We walked fer a spell, then down to the water to feel how COLD Lake Huron’s waters were, then crossed back to the other side of the street. The water didn’t feel to bad, but I’m sure when you got deeper than the 1/2” depth we were feelin’ you’d freeze. There were people in the water, but this ‘Florida Boy’ aint’ gettin’ in till it hits somewheres’ around 85 degrees. Back on the ‘Mainland’ side o’ the street we headed fer’ a stand fer’ some ‘Fries’. Fries are real big here and you see stands as you drive along the road sellin’ ‘FRIES’. These Canadian’s really like their potato’s. After devourin’ a large fry we all shared, we headed back to the car.


Here’s our Group picture.

As you can see by our ‘Beach Togs’ it was a little cold for a beach weather, but it was a ‘Holiday Weekend’, so what the heck!

We browsed around some of the tourist shops then reluctantly got back in the car for the ride home. Along the way we stopped at Coleen’s parents house, of course we called first. “Your not coming for dinner, are you”? NA…. “We’re wantin’ to know if ya’ll want to come with us fer dinner”. So we visited, saw Coleen’s dad, Wayne’s, now aint’ this gettin’ confusin’, new pond and waterfall with water wheel. He, Wayne, #2, was workin’ on their ‘race car’ when we arrived. He and his son race a stock car every chance they get, we’re goin’ Saturday to watch them. Coleen’s mom showed us around the house, then we left for some vittles. We wound up at a local, family restaurant, Winfield's. Food was good, Mennonite I guess, then it was off fer’ home so we could load up again  to go see the ‘Fireworks’.

The fireworks at Lions Park were crowded but we found a spot and sat  up our chairs. The show commenced shortly after and was OOOh & Ahhhh inspiring. No one was more tired than me from a busy day and I think I might have been checkin’ my eyelids fer’ leaks when the finale came around. After we got home I bid our friends ‘Good Night’ and tucked myself in.

That’s all fer’ today. Saturday we’re goin’ to a show after lunch and then the races I mentioned in the evening.

Hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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