Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tupelo, Mississippi

We got a good start on the travel day leaving Lee's Country Campground at around 8:30 yesterday. We fueled up at Flying J for $2.23 great price for diesel these days. We then turned west and headed for Alabama. Stayed the night in Montgomery at 'The Woods RV Park', another Passport America park, full hookup, 71 cable channels, free wi-fi, all for $15, hard to beat. Also topped off at $2.09/gal , even better than this morning. Wish we were headed to TX or AZ where diesel is under $2.

Today we headed to Tupelo, MS by way of Birmingham, AL. It was a balmy 41 degrees when we left Montgomery this morning. We went downtown Montgomery to see the First White House of the Confederacy, of coarse our luck it was closed. Toured around downtown checkin' out all the state buildings including the capitol.


Alabama State Capitol


The First Confederate 'White House'

As we rolled into Tupelo I had to find the way to the birthplace of 'The King', Elvis Presley. Linda had to go since we're here, said she just had to take some pictures. Since I have never been a fan of his, and the fact that it was 39 degrees, I waited in the truck.


Elvis's Birthplace and Boyhood home

Tonight we are stayin' at Natchez Trace RV Park just south of Tupelo. Another Passport America park, full hookup for $11.80, sorry no cable tonight. It's sure gettin' cold****, 33 degrees at 8:30 this evening, hope we don't freeze.

Our plans have changed since we left home. We are making our way to Memphis for some Fried Chicken, crazy huh. Gus's is supposed to have the best spicy fried chicken in the south. Then we'll head towards Nashville,TN and start the 'Natchez Trace Parkway' from the northern end and drive the entire length of the park. I'm going to try all three free National Park Campgrounds if possible, but the weather is going to be mighty cold, 16 degrees and we may have to opt for a commercial park so we have electric to run our furnace. I put a new 125a/h battery in the camper but I don't want to kill it overnight with the gas furnace running. If we had some solar we could charge it back up 80% with the generator and then let the solar panels bring it back to full charge during the day as we drive or even when were parked. I considered purchasin' a solar setup before we left for this trip but the longer I procrastinated the closer our departure date came. I will definitely get some solar installed before our next trip, which we hope to be CA,OR & WA this summer. Also thinking of addin' a second 125a/h battery to the mix. I got some idea's bouncin' around in my nogin for that, just need to do some more ponderin' and maybe take some measurements. Boondockin' is sure more pleasurable when you have most of the comforts of home, and don't have to do without. Solar sure would be nice, just sittin' there quietly doing it's thing and keepin' the batteries charged.

Until the next time, see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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