Friday, January 9, 2009

Travel Day to North Florida

Well we got an early start as usual, 9 AM. Traveled the FL Turnpike north this trip instead of I95. You know I don't like them big blue roads but as I've said before there's not much choice to get north in this state. We called it a day in White Springs, about 20 miles from the Georgia line. Stopped at the State Farmers Market to see if we could purchase some veggies, but alas they ship everything out. There was a produce stand on the grounds so we purchased a few things. Outside the Market area and along the highway there was what looked like a large rest area, even had a trucker parked there with all his curtains drawn. Well we thought we had found a spot to spend the night. It had a grove of large Live Oak trees, a lake, and even several water spigots. We figured we'd stay and keep the trucker company and skip paying a campground fee tonight. Well since yours truly forgot to put any water in our fresh water tank before we left, we decided rather than filling our tank with water of unknown quality, we'd just hookup direct. Well as I started to write this entry, the Market manager drove up and told me I had to leave, that this was state property, and we were not welcome. He really made a face about hooking up to the water. I told him I thought it was a rest area along the state highway, but he directed us to several campgrounds down the road. We got kicked out of 'Paradise'. Oh well!



Nice little lake complete with cypress trees.


Nice little spot.

So here we sit at Lee's Country Campground, a beautiful, clean, friendly park. Member of Passport America, they also honor the Federal Golden Age pass for 50% off camping fees. We have stayed here back in August (refer to 8-8 -2008 blog entry).

Tomorrow we head across the state line to Flying 'J' for fuel, then we're cuttin' across the Peach State to Alabama.

Until the next time. Maybe we'll see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind

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