Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eastward Ho!

Howdy folks. We headed east from Memphis yesterday on or course to the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace. Stopped for fuel about 70 miles out, where the sign advertised $2.19 for diesel. There were no diesel pumps out front so I had to go through with the trucks on the side and search out a low flow nozzle. Since I couldn't get the pump to turn and the intercom wouldn't work, I sent Linda in with the credit card. After the pump came on I start pumpin' Linda shows up down the fuel island yellin' somethin' that I can't hear. She's yellin' to stop pumpin'. Seems they were recievin' fuel and we risked pickin' up sludge out of the bottom of the in-ground tank, why the operator turned the pump on and then told her of the risk I'll never figure out. Oh well here's yer sign!

We had decided to stop at Pinson Mounds State Archeological Area near Jackson, TN. There was also Casey Jones home & museum to see in Jackson. Due to the 37 degree weather we decided to pass on Casey Jones and go on to the mounds. Pinson is an area of 17 earthen mounds covering 400 acres. The mounds were created by an ancient Indian civilization between 200 & 500AD with the tallest being 72 feet tall. We either misunderstood or were misinformed regarding this site. We were told they had excavated one mound and you could go inside and view it to see all the layers & artifacts. Not so, but the museum is in a simulated mound and maybe that's what our informant meant. Disappointed we viewed the museum and left the park to travel on down the road. Stopped for the night at Tanbark Campground in Centerville at $13.75, 35 degrees on arrival. Woke up to find icicles hanging off the camper. The 'check engine' light came on when we started this morning and stayed on, so we stopped at a Chevy dealer in Dickson to have it checked. Seems we were 4 quarts low in the transmission with no visible leak. I had the transmission drained, flushed and the filter changed a while back and the only explanation is they forgot to top off the fluid when finishing the service. Worse than that they found a leak in the transfer case caused by a pressed in bearing that was wearing thru the case. Had to have them due an emergency repair to the case so it would stop leaking, can't have it seizing up traveling down the road. Gonna' have to keep a better eye on the fluids.

Well since we spent most of the day at the dealer we decided to stay another night at Tanbark and start out tomorrow. I post some pic's tomorrow cause it's cold outside, they're forecastin' 6 degrees overnight.

See ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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