Thursday, July 9, 2009

Follerin' the Red & Black lines

Yep we made it to the open road for another trip. Linda & I, along with our granddaughter, Ashley, are headed for the Smoky Mountains fer a spell.

We got a jump on leavin' but no one is complainin' about hittin' the road. As much as I hate it, we headed up that big , ugly blue road I 95 to get outa' Dodge as fast as possible. Folks drivin' on those roads are always drivin' like there's no tomorrow and it's a little scary to be puttin' along at 60 when everyone else is tearin' by at 80.

Well as soon as we cleared Jacksonville, we stopped for fuel & some lunch. Linda noticed that the fridge I put on LP, before we left home, was not lit. Strange cause it never has gone out before and I knew there was plenty of gas. Turns out we lost our access panel that covers the back of the fridge on the outside skin going down the road and the wind blew out the pilot on the fridge. NOW WHAT?? I switched it to 12V, knowing relightin' it won't keep things cold, and away we go. Next stop I check and the fridge is still not doing it's thing so I made a door from cardboard and Duct taped (the campers friend) it to the coach. A short time after that we hit some 'Frog Strangler's' and my new 'door' starts to gettin' soggy, not much I can do in this rain. we made it to Milledgeville, Scenic Mountain RV and Campground, for the night. Nice park, friendly folks, good deal for Passport America at $15 full hookup, with cable and wi-fi. After gettin' hooked up so the girls can fix supper, I go to duct tapin' the whole cardboard 'door' to waterproof it and turn the fridge on AC so we can run it on house current and get it cooled down. That should hold it, till I can find a replacement.

Well come mornin' I see the fridge is still not as cold as it should be after runnin' all night and I know it's cause I have no ventilation in my 'door' & can't put any in there or the wind will suck the 'door' off. So first order of the day is to locate a replacement. I called several RV places around the area we were in but got no answer, so I figure they have gone out of business. Next call is to a Camping World which is north of us and only a 30 mile detour off our route. They have two, and at a price of $36 I was floored. I thought it would be in the three figure area $$$. I recently tried to purchase a replacement skylight for our fifth wheel, it was $245 and junk so I made them send it back, so I figured this door would be PRICEY! Then the phone rings and it Camping World. The doors are not the right size. GREAT. To make a long story short, we had to go 60 miles back south to get one, the door would fit but not latch so I had to change the door and frame along the road. I'll remove it and install it proper when we get to the mountains.

That's all for today. I'll try to post some pictures next time. Until then hope to see Ya as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind

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