Monday, July 27, 2009

On the Way to PA!

Well our visit to DC is over and were on our way to Uncle Don & Aunt Jessie's for some rest.

We left DC headin' west thru Maryland, turned north into Pennsylvania and made it to Johnstown. Linda decided she wanted to see the Johnstown Flood Memorial. It wasn't as moving as we thought it would be. So we were off again in search of a park for the night. We decided on Mirror Lake RV Camping. Pretty park, $14.50/night, W&E, Bathhouse (very neglected), Nice pool. Sometimes the PA parks are not the best but it's just an overnighter and the price is cheaper than we paid in DC for No hookups & ONE shower per loop. Headed out next morning, after dumping the tanks, on our northward trek. Linda sprang another one on us. We're makin' a slight detour to see Phil. See Phil lives in a town near where Linda grew up but she had never visited before. Phil is a meteorological prognosticator par excellence. You all know him best for 'Groundhog Day'. That's right were on or way to Punxsutawney, PA, the 'Weather Capital of the World'. We got to see Phil as he lives at the local library, in an climate controlled enclosure, with a girlfriend, 3 squares and only works one day a year. I want a gig like that. After visiting Phil we ventured up to 'Gobblers Knob' where the annual Groundhog Day' festivities take place, such a nice quiet spot we decided to have our lunch there. I can't see how they squeeze a thousand people in here, let alone tens of thousands, there's no place to park.




This is where it all takes place February 2nd each year






Here's the sign Welcoming Everyone



Seems the local folks been observin' Groundhog Day since way back in 1886. I guess they've gone through a few 'Phils'.

Our next stop is Uncle Don's in Titusville, PA. and here we sit visitin' an' palaverin'.

Untill the next time we hope to see ya down the road as we're,

Dancin' on the Wind.

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