Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mountains, Horses & DC

Last time I wrote we had arrived in the Smokies. Our daughter Lisa & grandson, Christopher arrived a couple o’ days later, followed by our friend Amy. Amy came in from across the mountain, in Tennessee. We had a great visit with her, visitin’ the Elk at Cataloochee Valley. Only thing was there were no elk to see. Seems they hide in the woods durin’ the day and come out in the cool of the evening. Go figure every time we’ve been to see ‘em they were walkin about everywhere, but that was spring, winter & fall. So I learned somethin’ new about viewin’ elk.



Dram-ma and her buddy Christopher







We had a tailgate picnic at Cataloochee Valley & cooked some 'Tube Steaks'




After everyone had left us we headed up the road towards our next destination, Washington, DC. Along the way we stopped for the night in Lexington, VA at Longs Campground, not the best PA park we’ve stayed at. The park was rustic & pretty, but the restrooms were even more rustic than we were prepared for. Down the street is the Virginia Horse Center and they were hostin’ the “County Fair”, so after dinner we headed on down for some dessert. “Carnie Food”, elephant ears, fried dough, candy apples, we love it all.

The next morning we made our way to DC to find our camp for the next few days. Greenbelt National Park, located in Maryland, is 8 miles from city center and the closest campground to DC. It’s a breath of fresh air in the city, felling like we’re out in the country. Like most National Park campgrounds there are no hookups so were dry-campin’. Gives us a chance to see how that second battery works out. They do have water fill, dump station and showers thank goodness.

Our first official day we rode the ‘Metro’ to Arlington National Cemetery, walked all around there, walked across the Potomac river back to Washington. We then visited the Lincoln Memorial and walked all the way back up the Mall to the Smithsonian ‘Castle’. Then across the Mall to the American History Museum, then back to the Metro to ride back out to camp. Oh and at the Metro station here where we parked the truck we had a perfect spot way, way, away out across the parking lot. I don’t understand why they call it ‘Park & Ride’ when you have to park in the next state and walk on in to the station. Well anyway I’ve just walked my legs to the point of the “Quiverin’ Willys”. Must o’ been 8 miles on city pavement. Now if we were walkin’ in some deep woods or up in the ‘High Lonesome’ I don’t think it would hurt anywhere near as much. Just somethin’ about them settin’s that soothes my soul, not so on ‘City’ streets.

Well tomorrow's another day to see the sites, Oh Boy an I havin’ fun!!!!



A visit to the Prez's digs.







The 'Changing of the Guard' at the Tomb of the Unknown Solders






Of all the people to see on the streets of Washington, the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist






Until then we hope to see ya down the road as we’re,

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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