Friday, February 8, 2008

A Day of Excitement and Wonder February 7, 2008

Well we started our day with a nice breakfast and the four of us were on the road. We all jumped into George & Della's truck for the ride up the coast to get us close to the shuttle launch site. I have watched the shuttles since the program began but always from somewhere's around home. Night launches are spectacular from our house since we are surrounded by acreage and no lights of "Suburbia' to affect the viewing. We can actually see the glow seconds after the shuttles engines ignite on the ground.
So with friends expecting us to "Be in the Know" as far as where to go, I've never felt more in the dark. But I knuckled down and with the help of my trusty laptop and DeLorme Street Atlas we were off. We traveled up further than Linda felt we should go risking closed roads and massive crowds, Oh the unknown! I also neglected to say that NASA was predicting only a 30% probability of shootin' this thing off because there was a cold front comin' down and a good chance for high winds and thunderstorms. Either of which could cancel the launch, not even considerin' low ceilings shuttin' things down. But the weather held. This is Florida, "Wait five minutes the weather will change" is the norm.
We drove to US Hwy 1 and found the crowds were not as bad as anticipated. After seeing cars parked everywhere and a couple of lots charging to park, George hung a U turn and went back to check out a resturant lot. "Way to go George". Ten dollars to park and they took it off your bill if you ate at the resturant. So now we got a front row seat directly accross from the launchpad and set up our chairs and tables. The people in front of us where RV'ers from Michigan and came down from Daytona for the day.

Lots of Folks

While we waited for the launch time we ordered hot dogs from the resturant and ate them in our seats.

That's Yours Truly on the left, Della seated center George, right and Linda standing.

When the appointed time arrived everyone was on their feet and this was the results of a very questionable day.


Lift Off

Another Successful Launch

It was awe inspiring to see this wonder of modern science from such a vanatge point. Just a few decades ago this was all science fiction and now it's not only reality it's borderin' on routine. Well the ride home was dull compared to that, even with all the traffic. Our guests are leaving in the morn' to go home, but with a spectacular memory of our trip today.

See ya down the road as we're "Dancin' on the Wind"

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