Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Safari Days

Sometimes “A man has to do, what a man has to do”. It seems that while we were away on our last little trip that we have had an explosion in the population of wild hogs around our place. Our place is just a couple of acres, but we are surrounded by hundreds a’ acres to the south and close to fifty to the north and west. They have started rootin’ up the grass all around the place, so it’s time to do somethin’. My son works nights and this ol’ fella aint settin’ up all night to try an shoot em’, so were goin’ another route.

My nephew brought over a trap to see if they could catch some to thin em’ out.

After a short walk in the woods, it looks like they got a superhighway runnin’ through there, not 40’ from where the woods start. So their plan is to set the trap in a spot along the their trail and see what happens. First they had to get some bait. Corn would do, and they also made some mash with corn and beer in a bucket coverin’ it with a garbage bag. Set in the sun, the beer and corn would start to ferment and blow the garbage bag up with gas from the process, signalin’ it was ready. Then they’ll put some of the stinkin’, smellin’ mash out in the trap to attract the little critters. There seems to be, at least, one large one runnin’ through and a bunch of smaller ones, judgin’ by the signs we seein’. The idea is to try an catch some of the smaller ones to pen up and raise on corn.

While the mash was brewin’, they decided to throw out some corn to see if they were comin’ through regular. The next mornin’ it looked like some one vacuumed the ground. Not one speck of corn to be seen anywhere. Then it was time to set the trap so they carried it into the woods last night and baited it.

Well this was the results this mornin’.

This is probably the ‘Boar’ hog that we been seein’ track on, cause he’s got so good size feet on him. I’m not a good judge but the boys figure him to be 225-250 lbs. He’s about two foot wide when you get up above him an look down.

So now you’ve trapped em’ what now? Well they needed to move him for fear he’d dig out from under the trap as it only has a partial floor in it. “Good Luck”! This is one worked up ‘Boar Hog’ that aint happy to be in that cage. So they drop a rope with a loop through the cage and get him around the snout, then open the door while my son’s keepin’ tight on the rope. My nephew has to grab ‘em by the back feet and the two of them work him out of the cage. After gettin’ him out, they tie off the rope on a tree, while the nephew holds on. They move the cage out of the woods, and then it’s time to move Mr. Piggy back into the cage that has been set on a big rubber stall mat, so’s he can’t dig out. The boys found someone to take the pig and he’ll be here this afternoon to pick him up. Almost the end of the story for today, we’ll see what the next few days bring with this continuing saga.

Hope to see Ya down the road as we’re ‘Dancin on the Wind’

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