Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some Prepin' for a Visit - February 17,2008

Some friends of ours moved across the state about two years ago now, and we figur’ it’s high time we got over there an saw them and there little ranch. Susie and Ron have invited us again & again but we’ve never seemed to be able to make it. Well enough is enough! Aint’ we retard’? Caint’ we go and do as we please? Well the last time Linda saw Susie, she told her we’d like to come and see their new digs, Susie’s reply, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Well get ready girl cause “Here we come”.

Yesterday I spent the morning washin’ the truck and getting it Prim and Proper. Best of my recollectin’, it’s been washed at last once or twice since we come back from out west but it needed a bath badly. That’s a benefit of livin’ where you don’t have harsh winter weather, and havin’ a white truck, you don’t have to wash it as often. After some lunch we both took on washin the ‘Lance’. Them little bugs that commit “Hari Kari” on the front are the hardest to remove. The one’s on the cabover are bad, but the one’s that plant themselves behind the cab of the truck, I think were tyin to homestead when they expired. We finally got her cleaned up and now truck and camper have been reunited.

Linda has a show to participate in at the local Moose lodge this evening and then we’ll be “Dancin’ on the Wind” across the state. Linda is a ‘Clogger’, and dances on an exhibition team with our local club, the “Kickin’ Country Cloggers”. Both of us are ‘Certified Instructors’ but I’ve gone into retirement there too. I have had recurring foot problems and when it comes down to walkin’or hikin’ here or out in the ‘Shinin’ Mountains’, dancin’ just gonna have to take second fiddle.

Well that’s all for now. We’ll see what kind a trouble we can get into at Susie and Ron’s tomorrow.

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