Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Road Home - February 20, 2008

Today our hosts are leaving us early, Ron to return to work and Susie going to a monthly meeting of her Red Hat chapter. We said our goodbyes and had some breakfast, pulled up stakes, folded our tent and we’re off. Today we must return to home as Linda’s Aunt & Uncle are due to arrive for their yearly visit with us tomorrow. Our wings will be clipped for the next month as we will be entertaining family.

We decided to stop at Lake Arbukle Park to see who was staying there. We decided to do some exploring and take some back roads to the park and happened upon a cow delivering her calf along the way. Two years ago we lived here for most of the winter and made lots of friends from all over the U.S. As it turned out, George and Della were goin’ out there for the same reason and were spendin’ the night. Upon arrival the first couple we spy are friends from Wisconsin who we spent some time with in the Black Hills this summer. Noel and Barb are wonderful people and we love to visit with them and “Francine” their pooch. It seems they just arrived on Sunday for a few weeks, of course we invited them to our ‘Campground’ to visit. Barb’s brother and his wife are camped next to them and George and Della arrived shortly to fill out the crew. We all sat and had lunch together. There were several others to visit, Avalene and Levon, who run the campground, Jeanette, their sister-in-law and Doug and Shiela. Unfortunately friends Norma, Albert and daughter Kelly were gone to Plant City for the day and Marge and Odean, of Tennessee were gone as well that day. Well we visited as long as we dared knowing we had company on the way and Linda having dance practice tonight, so on down the road we went.

After traveling some 25 or 30 miles I realized that we had left our folding chairs back at the park where we had lunch. I made a quick call to George to take our chairs with them as we may get together in March for the next Shuttle launch.

Our arrival at home was a surprise to find our company had already arrived, when they weren’t expected for another day. Well were home for now!

See Ya down the road as were Dancin’ on the Wind.

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