Monday, February 18, 2008

A Day With Friends - February 18, 2008

Well we‘ve made it to our friends, Susie & Ron’s place in central Florida for the next couple a days. They’ve got e'm a nice little place, 14 acres, to roam around on. Today we took us a little tour of their lil rancho’ an “We were impressed”. They are a very close family and have many family gatherings, in the past normally in public parks & campgrounds. But now they have all this room and they’re making it into a place that the family loves to visit. They’ve added two 30 amp hookups in the “Gathering” area for those with RV’s that come, there’s a Dinin’ area, with ample seatin’ for family and friends under a large metal roof, a game room buildin’ with TV, pool table, jukebox, air hockey and all sorts of other amusements to pass yer time, a shed with extra campin’ gear that visitors might need, of course there’s also a campfire circle for everyone to gather around at night. “Purty nice spread”.

After some lunch and dodgin’ the weather with a passin’ front comin’ thru, Susie took us for a short ride down the road apiece to a miniature horse farm. Some of the lil’ guy’s were just wanderin’ around on the property like dogs in someone’s yard, no gates, no corral, just wanderin’ wherever they was goin’. The caretaker came out and we spoke with him about some of the older lookin’ horses that were layin’ about the drive and found out they were not old just had bad legs due to the genetics involved in breeding the miniatures.

He also showed us a Pecheron, a draft horse that stands 18 ½ hands tall.

He said he had to go but if we came back tomorrow at 9 or 10 in the morning he would give us a tour of the entire farm, miniature cattle, miniature Brahma bulls, emu’s and an 11,000 square foot aviary . So we'll wait for better weather tomorrow and take him up on his offer of a tour, we can’t wait.

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