Friday, February 8, 2008

Travel Day Home - February 6, 2008

I'm sorry but I'm fallin' behind on my posts so's I'm gonna try daten' my entries so they correspond with activities of that day rather than the day posted.

It was a pretty much a travel day to home today. We had recieved a call from our good friends Della & George Dixon of Indiana, that they would like to come over to the coast to watch the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on the 7th. They're wintering in Sebring, Florida this year and would bring their Lance camper over and meet us at our house. On our way from Ocala we stopped at the Farmers Market outside DeLand, FL. Seems they hold a market every Wednesday and we thought we'd give it a look see. There's alot of produce and fruit, some are growers some are just resellers. So's as we're moseyin' thru we pick up some veggies and a bag of Honeybell Tangelos, sure are sweet. We found that a portion of the market is Flea Market and skipped that part cause we didn't have that much time to spend here, maybe we'll make it back this way and try again. Since we were stopped we decided to have lunch before hittin' the road again.

We drove the last 150 miles to home and found George & Della already setup in our backyard. I installed a 30 amp and a 20 amp service out there for our two RV's. So when folks come by now they can just hookup their electric & water and they're right at home. our backyard is about 3/4 of an acre so there's plenty of room to manuver. After handshakes & hugs we settled in for some "Catchin' Up". Dinner was shared leftovers, ours and theirs. Some more good visitin' and a plan for tommorrow and we were off to bed.

See ya down the road as we're "Dancin' on the Wind"

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