Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh Canada!

Well we crossed the Peace Bridge this afternoon from  NY at Fort Erie. Yes, We are in Canada. Ontario to be exact, Ridgeway, Ontario, CA at Windmill Point RV Park, a member park of Passport America. We're just here for an overnite but it's a nice little park, on a quarry with swimming, W&E for $20 a night. We looked into the Provincial Parks but they are way to pricey for us. I guess it's all about location, caused we stayed in Provincial parks in Alberta, BC & the Yukon territories for next to nothing. Those parks were out in the wilderness and not near the shores of Lake Erie. Oh well they can have other peoples money instead of mine and truthfully we'd rather be out there in the wilderness.

We decided to go to CA before we visit our niece & her family in NY, so we've reversed our circle again. Had a wonderful time visiting with cousin Bonnie & Scott and a few days with Uncle Don & Aunt Jessie, we'll be back.



Here we are parked at Bonnie & Scott's for a few days. Had a great time with Ya'll at the "Reunion' and afterward.


Spent a few days parked at the 'Barn' visiting Don & Jessie, even snuck in a Birthday Party with another cousins daughter, great family get together's. We left this morning, late , after a Mickey D's breakfast with Don & Jessie. Took a leisurely drive on the back roads into the heart of Buffalo, Opps! missed the turn for the Peace Bridge and wound up DOWNTOWN. After sneakin' around the block we got the heck outta' there and back on track. We traveled about 125 miles today, not to bad a day. Stopped for lunch at a small lake in NY.


This was a small lake administered by the NY State Game Commission. It was designated as a fishing Access point. There were more 'DON'TS than DO'S on their regulatory sign.

Passed through many Amish communities in SW NY seein' buggies at the farms and stores along our route. Here are a couple of examples, cause these buggies were everywhere.



Linda shot this through the windshield as we rounded a bend, not much time to get the camera on and get a shot.


Well tomorrow we don't know what's in store, we will be making our way to our friend Wayne's, but we don't have to be there till around five or so. Actually were a day early so we'll just set up in his drive and wait to surprise him.

Well I'll go for now.

See ya down the road as were Dancin' on the Wind.

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