Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello, hello is anyone there?

Today is Monday and it was an unproductive day, to a certain extent. Wayne left us his car and we decided to pay a visit to ol' Alexander Graham Bell's house since we only did a drive-by last trip. Well as our luck would have it He must have been off payin' his phone bill or somethin' cause his home was closed up. Turns out they are open every day except Mondays, go figure! Well we did some shoppin' as our trusty Black & Decker 5 cup coffee maker died, so we picked up a new one in Canadian Tire, nice store. After stoppin' a few more places we headed fer home. After a dinner of leftovers from the picnic yesterday we had some conversation and went to bed.

Tuesday we were back at Bell's house and we took the guided tour of the place. He was quite the interestin' fella' as he held patents fer lots of items you wouldn't associate with the inventor of the telephone. Yes the telephone was invented in Canada, first calls were from right here in Brantford to Paris and London, Ontario, Canada, done over fence wire and other junk. Talk about two cans an a piece o' twine!


This is the Home of Alexander Graham Bell.






Here's Linda on one of the workin' telephones in the house.



"Well Doris, did you here what she said at the party the other night"?



Tuesday we were back at Duane and Thyra's house for dinner, those folks can really put on a spread, I would consider them 'Gourmet Cooks'. After a wonderful meal and conversation we had to head for home as we're pullin' out tommorrow.

Well we'll see ya when we get back to the states, until then "Via con Dios".

Dancin' on the Wind

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