Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Visit with our Best Friends

Well we've been visitin' our niece and her family in NY for a few days and it's been great to see them again. Gloria & Fred took us for a Sunday drive all around their area to show us the countryside. We passed several sites where windmills have been installed to provide energy. These things look big but they are indeed massive, one blade is longer than a tractor trailer to give you some size perspective. They seem to be owned by independent companies that must sell power back to the utility companies. On one stop alone we counted 100 across the skyline.



Windmills generatin' 'Juice'




Everywhere you looked there where more on the hilltops.



Windmills everywhere!




Linda & I went to a local place fer lunch one day and as we're settin' waitin' on our order my foot finds somthin' under the table. Now it feels like a foot but Linda is settin' caty-corner so I'm thinkin' what is her feet doin' over way here? Then I convince myself it must be one 'o'  them four footed table stands, but it's awful soft feelin'. Well you'll never guess what I found under our table.




Some unique table legs.



After stayin' & visitin' with Gloria & Fred for almost a week we had to move on down the road. We had plans to meet our friends from home in Great Valley, NY, which is about 40 miles from Fred & Gloria's house. The plan was to meet at 5PM at a restaurant in Great Valley. Living up to our usual travel plan, we left Gloria's at 10:40AM and traveled the 40 miles to Great Valley and arrived at 4:50PM. "Boy did we take the scenic route". Forty miles in six hours, we were really hot footin' her. We arrived at our rendezvous just as 'Bud' is pullin' in to the lot, what timin'. Following him to  Charlene's, a friends home, we park and start visitin'. Soon we were all at a local eatery and 'Bud' bought everyone supper. On the way home we stopped for Ice cream and some more social time.



Charlene has beautiful flowers around her house and Linda couldn't resist some pics.





Here's the 'Gang' for supper.





We stayed the night at Charlene's, Thanks 'Char'! We went to breakfast at 'Sandy's, best breakfast I've ever eaten out. After breakfast we went with Bud and Linda to Springdale for the weekly action. We picked up some cheese curd and apples, I also got a deal on 10 William Johnstone books on CD, about 60 hours of listening. We then parted company, as they were headin' up Buffalo way to they're sons and we had to head back to Pennsylvania.


So were off for today and we hope to see ya' down the road as we're Dancin' on the Wind

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