Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye Canada

Well we're back in the good ole US of 'A' ! Nice visit in Canada but it still seems a little foreign to us. We came up and went through Niagara, never can see some sites too much. We stopped at the Devils Hole & the Whirlpool this trip, for the first time.



The aerial tram car over the Whirlpool.




A few days before we got here a 12 year old girl fell into the whirlpool, they were still lookin' fer her today. I didn't see anyplace someone could get that close to the water but they said she was tryin' to dangle her feet in the water and slipped in. So sad things like this have to happen. Always someone too close to the edge or to close to a wild animal and their gone or maimed. Most natural wonders are wonders because they are massive and dangerous. "No wild animals were released into the wild by Walt Disney people"! Lets respect these things and teach our children to respect them and fear the consequences, life is fragile.

Niagara was not to crowded but as we waited for a young family to vacate a parkin' spot on the street, he came up to us and hands us a ticket for parkin' for all day he paid $20 for, Sweet! We thank him and partake of the spot. When we left we did the same for the people takin' our spot. I think $5-600 a day for the 25-30 spots along the street should be sufficient revenue for the vendor. The street area is most likely maintained by the city and the vendor is prospering. Here are some shots of "The Falls".



This is the American side of Niagara Falls.



                A closer View 


'Horseshoe Falls', Canadian side, with the 'Maid of the Mist'.





A Shot of both Falls.




We left Niagara for Fort Erie to make our border crossing at the Peace Bridge.



The flags mark the boundry.




After enterin' the US we made a B-line for the 'Anchor Bar' in Buffalo. They hold the claim of the originator of 'Buffalo Wings', so we had to try 'em. Our evaluation, OFF THE CHAIN!!! Some of the best wings We've ever tried. So good we bought a gallon of their wing sauce to take home.

From there we motored on to our nieces in the country outside Buffalo for some rest and to reflect on the wonderful meal we had just eaten. We can scratch the Anchor Bar off Linda's restaurant database list but I'm sure we'll be back again.

Until the next time, the RV-Anytimers will say;

Maybe we'll see ya' down the road as we're

Dancin' on the Wind

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