Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looks like we made it!

We were up fairly early early, 7:30 and back on the road after some coffee. Stopped a few miles up the highway for a quick breakfast at Mickey D's, then it was back on the road, we had some miles to cover today. Up Interstate 81 to I 77, on in VA, I 77 to US19 in WV, to I 79 WV to PA and on to our destination. Arrived at Linda's cousin's around 6PM and setup in their driveway. On the drive up we passed some nice scenery and we hope to visit some of it on the way back south.

100_4302This is the only scenic overlook we encountered on the highways through WV.

This is beautiful country and we're going to enjoy exploring it later in the trip.

We were originally looking to camp in the WV mountains for a few weeks but decided that we would go straight to PA for the family reunion. After stayin' a few days to catch our breath and rest up we'll head up to visit our niece in NY, then over to Ontario to visit friends. Then the circle will take us back here to PA to spend a few weeks. Then were free to go wherever we want to.

A number of months back there was talk of the RV industries building a 60 foot fifth wheel, now that they had conquered full side slide outs. Well we encountered a rig, although not an RV, we thought was impossible to move done the road. I was able to snap a couple of quick shots of this rig at the  Pennsylvania Welcome Center, while the 'Smokies' were crawling all over it writing a novel in citations.


This rig was 198 feet long pulled by one tractor. I can't imagine what one would haul on it. Talk about a rubber bill, this thing has 74 tires and a toll bill that would put a dent in anyone's wallet with 19 axles.

Well gotta run for now.

See Ya down the road, as were Dancin' on the Wind.

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